Everything to Everyone

On Sunday morning Jack made Corey a Christmas present.  He tried for about 5 minutes to keep it a secret but in the end he had to give it to him that dayHe just couldn’t wait!

Look how sweet:

I can’t decide whether the actual present:  The Rock declaring the two of them “Best Buds Daddy+Jack” or the poem he wrote with the card:  “I’m always with you, that’s truer than true.  You’re always with me, I love you, you see.” is my favorite part.  Frankly, it’s all pretty precious stuff.

Jack has been spending lots of special time with Daddy the past two weeks working on a project for school.  I’ll post about it after I go to the school on Wednesday to see the final presentation and take pictures… it’s been a really, really cool thing!  In the mean time I will show you this:


That, my friends, is a model of a Roadometer. An invention Orson Pratt created to help the Mormon Pioneers track the miles they traveled. Jack and Daddy have spent lots of time working together on this project, and clearly Jack has enjoyed the special bonding time. Besides the rock and sweet note, I have seen it on his face as he has spent time with Daddy.

All weekend I have had cause to think about how important Corey is to our family.  How very, very much we need him, and how much I love and appreciate him.  He is just what a Dad ought to be for his family:  Self sacrificing, kind, invested, hands-on, hard working, concerned, fun, loving.  I watched him work with Jack on the project.  Teach him.  Encourage him.  Enjoy him.  I watched him with the other boys too.  Do you want to hear a sweet story about Corey and Alaster?

I was gone on Saturday night leaving Corey to finish up the project with Jack and get everyone in bed.  On Sunday morning he was telling me about it.  He said they had a great time but that Alaster had made him so sad.  I asked what happened and apparently Corey had been working with Jack and had sent Aly upstairs to get ready for bed. Alaster ended up not only getting ready for bed but also going to bed all on his own.  By the time Corey found him he was asleep.  Corey was genuinely sad about it.  He felt bad that he had spent so much one-on-one time with Jack and then poor Aly put himself to bed.  He told me he was going to make an effort to spend some good time with Aly that day.  And I watched him do it.  He tried to engage Alaster in lots of different ways.  Snuggles… talking…  He also played games with him, and helped him make this:


(It’s a robot suit with lots of cool buttons:  Jet pack, flame thrower, ice freezer, spring force, wings, lazers, super speed, super heat, super smell, super eyes, on/off button, and a control panel on the back.)

It may seem like just a little thing, but it was a really big deal to Alaster and to me too.  I love that Corey felt bad about something so small and felt the need to “make up,” for it.  Not all Dad’s would have felt that way.  I imagine many of them would have been relieved to find one of the kids had put themselves in bed:  One less thing to take care of, right?  But not Corey.

Other things I love about Corey as a Dad lately:  All the time he spends with Jack completing Scouting requirements and doing Faith in God (I love that I don’t have to worry about these at all. Corey’s on top of it!).  How he adores Truman.  How concerned he is about the boys and school (he helps with homework, he finds and prints out extra work for them to do if he feels like they need it, he talks to them about the importance of education, he praises their efforts, etc.)  How he disciplines out of genuine love and concern for them (Like the day he took a stand with Truman and his poor dinner habits and won! Tough love baby!).  How he is constantly thinking about things he wants to be teaching or doing with the boys (His most recent thing is that he wants to start teaching them basic computer programming because he feels like that is a terribly valuable skill… he found a cool program and plans to do it!)  How he chooses to spend time playing with them or helping me with them even when his head hurts and he is dog-tired (which is pretty much always).  SO often Corey would be justified in just going to bed, but he SO often chooses to sacrifice what little sleep time he has to be with our family.


(Corey and I at The Hobbit on Saturday.)

I don’t know what I would do without Corey.

I recently read an article where the author described his wife as being”everything to everyone,” in their family.  I absolutely loved that description.  I thought about myself and how badly I want to be that for my boys and for Corey.  I’m working on it and doing the best I can, but you know what?  I think Corey is already there.  He really is everything to everyone in this family and I thank my Heavenly Father for bringing the two of us together every day.


We are so lucky to have you, Honey!

2 thoughts on “Everything to Everyone

  1. Being your visiting teacher was a privilege because I enjoyed getting to know you and learning about how you strengthen your marriage and appreciate that awesome husband of yours (he has a pretty sweet wife too you know). Oh and this isn’t my first time reading your blog 🙂

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