For Pete’s Sake just CALM DOWN!!!

This is what two I-am-just-so-excited-I-can-no-longer-control-myself!!! little boys look like when they have finally been sent to the couch to wait:

(The other little boy in-between them was just trying to fit in)

On Saturday this past weekend the boys got to spend some special time with Gram and Uncle Tyler.  On the agenda: Shopping (Snow Boots and Christmas Church outfits), Snow fun (We got about a foot and a half!), and Hanging out at the Homestead (Gram’s house is every little boy’s favorite, no?).

When I announced to the boys that I could see Gram’s car coming down the road Jack couldn’t take it anymore.  He jumped off of the couch and started rolling around, back and forth on our living room floor. “I’m just so excited!  I’m just so excited!  I’m just so excited!!!!”

Good Gracious were we ever ready to send them out the door!

I think it was mostly the snow that had them so hopped up.  They have been waiting and waiting for a good amount to play in.  I remember feeling like this too with the first BIG snowfall of each season.  You just have to get out there and play!!!

The funny thing was Truman’s excitement.  I don’t think he necessarily knew what was happening, but he could not have been more thrilled to don his boots and put his coat on.  I love his face popping out of the fur!


Yep!  It truly was a winter wonderland this weekend! We were happy the boys got to get out and play in it.  By all accounts they had a fantastic time.  Jack expended so much energy making an igloo with Uncle Tyler and having snowball fights that he at 21 Oreos.  WHAT?!?  Do you know my Jack Edward?!?  I was flabbergasted at that piece of news!

And my picture doesn’t do it justice, but I thought I’d attempt to show you how pretty it was.  It was still snowing at this point so imagine even more snow in your mind 🙂  Also, I had to show you the swag my friend Marie made me.  It’s on our front door and I love it!  The hot chocolate is to tell you that the boys have had a cup of it every day after school this month!


Raise your hand if you love winter too!


And what did Corey and I do while the boys were away you ask?  We went and saw The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug in IMAX 3D!  Corey’s been dying to see it, and I was super excited too.  We snuck in lunch (have you taken advantage of Subway’s customer appreciation month deal yet?) and had ourselves a gay old time!  Then we came home and did some chores and work.  Boring, but true.

Hope your weekend was wonderful too!


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