Christmas Boys

Okay, okay.  I know I am a bit biased… but tell me… are these not the handsomest little Christmas Boys???

(Also, please notice how Jack and Aly are each holding one of Truman’s hands to help him focus.)

Outfits courtesy of Grandma 🙂

Most days Alaster is the only one easy to photograph.  He’s almost always a sweetie about it.  Jack is usually grumpy shy when the camera points in his direction.  And Truman is usually just too wiggly!  No time to stop and smile!  I’m not sure what was different today, but they all cooperated.  Huzzah!



This time it’s just Jack holding Truman’s hand to keep him stationary.  Truman is pretty squinty-eyed in these because the sun was really bright.  He was still trying hard to smile for me though!


Sorry… just a few more.  My favorite of each boy:




Happy Sunday All!


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