40 Years and Thanksgiving Too

Our Thanksgiving break from school and work was just perfect.  Seriously.  We desperately needed a few days together to rejuvenate.  I think we all felt like a car running on nothing but fumes, but by the end of the break we felt full of gas and ready to get back to life!

Thanksgiving Day was spent at the Grandparent’s house where I took 2, count them 2, pictures.  Woops!  Well… if I am only going to get 2 I am glad it was these.  Truman and Uncle Tyler have a special bond.  It’s preeeeetty darn adorable:


(And Truman could not have been more snuggly in that sweatshirt.  Mmmmmmmm!  I want a Truman hug just thinking about it!)

Casey and Kristine weren’t able to come from Chicago, but we did have the blessing of Cindy’s sister Missy and her husband Jerry and their children joining us.  It was nice to catch up.  We spent the day eating good food, talking, playing games etc.  We love spending time at Gram and Grampas!

The next 2 days were my very-favorite-of-favorite kind of days.  We had a list of projects around the house to complete (things like giving the boys haircuts, re-organizing our walk in closet, our regular deep cleaning chores, etc.), and a list of fun things to do when we were done (We drew names for Christmas, played favorite games like Castle Panic, snuggled and watched shows, etc.)  I know it is so simple, but I truly love just working and playing together around the house.  I particularly loved all the time with Corey.  It felt like we hadn’t seen or talked to each other properly in weeks and it was nice to finally have some good quality time!

Sprinkled in the mix were some special outings too.  The boys got to go see Frozen with Gram and Grampa (Truman’s very first time in the theater!  He was a bit overwhelmed at first but seemed to like it for most of the time.  Unfortunately the scary scenes at the end were too much for him and when his eyes filled with tears and he started asking for “Ah-Me?” – Mommy.  Grampa called us and we came and picked him up.  We were right next door at the grocery store so it worked out just fine.)  After the movie we went to dinner at our dear friends the Johnson’s, where we decided to get together as families more often.  I sure love that Marilee of mine!

Another evening found us at a treasure of a restaurant: Big Grove Tavern.  Oh my stars.  We loved everything about this place!  The atmosphere was modern and chic, the food was fantastic (it’s a seasonal and locally purchased menu) and we were there for the happiest of reasons: To celebrate Ed and Cindy’s 40th Wedding Anniversary!  Tyler organized the whole party as a surprise for them. This time Casey and Kristine were able to join us along with Missy, Jerry, Ruthie and Hannah:


I know.  Those pictures are horrendous, but the lighting was terrible!  After dinner we headed back to the Burton homestead for dessert that Casey and Kristine brought with them from Chicago:


Yummm!  Cupcakes!  I had to include that picture of Truman looking out the side of his eyes.  He was on display a lot over the weekend and he knew it.  He went back and forth between loving the attention and shying away from it.  Loooooots of funny/cute looks from that boy!

Happy Ruby Anniversary to the Special Couple!!!  Thank you for getting married.  That decision and many thereafter have had a profound impact on my life.  It was an honor to celebrate with you!


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