Reassurance? Someone?

Someone tell me that I’m not the only mother who has reason to send text messages like this on occasion:

I love him.  I really do. But you know that feeling, right?  It’s not just me?!?

I won’t go into the specifics. I already got all that off my chest with Corey after I dropped Jack and Aly off at piano this afternoon.  Truman and I drove straight to his office and spent a good 45 min. recharging in his presence.  I really need that husband of mine.  Really.  I didn’t even spend the whole time complaining… just the first few minutes actually… but something about being with Corey makes everything alright.  I wanted so badly to take him home with us!!!  But alas, he still had an hour and a half to go.  That’s okay.  Our little trip to see him was enough to make me feel certain I can keep it together until he comes home.

And look… not all of the day was bad…  I got this cute shot at some point:


But I admit I still won’t be sad when bedtime rolls around… 🙂

Happy Turkey Day Tomorrow All!!!  Be Safe and Have a Wonderful Day!!!

6 thoughts on “Reassurance? Someone?

  1. Definitely not the only mom that feels that way. I feel that way about Emi sometimes…I feel I’m a little more harsh cause I don’t offer to auction her off, I just say I’m going throw her outside!

  2. Happens so often at this house, my sister leaves open a standing invitation for Emma to come and stay with her! 😉 Glad to hear things are good with baby girl! Happiest of Thanksgivings to you and yours. 🙂

  3. I’m with Monica–I threaten to throw my eldest outside probably a little too much. I may even have followed through with that threat a few times (hopefully my neighbors don’t freak out by the screaming child in my backyard).

  4. It does make me feel a million times better that you have these problems too. Simeon is pretty good now but Ayo……oh that girl. i love her but she is not easy at all! We all feel this way at times. Stephens mom use to rent him out as a child to his grandma. Grandma Ada had him over a lot!

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