Pregnancy Interview #3 – 34 Weeks

Good Afternoon Everyone! I am here in the Burton household to get an exclusive interview with Mommy-To-Be: Ashlee.  Last we talked to her she was just 15 weeks along!  So Ashlee, many things must have changed in the past 19 weeks.  Tell us, how you are doing?

I’m good!  And yes, lots has changed!  I am no longer desperately sick all the time, for one.  It cleared up around 28 weeks and I am so grateful!  My tummy is still very sensitive and I have an underlying nausea that I don’t think is going to go away until she is born, but it is very manageable… very manageable indeed.  I feel like I am mostly back to my old self!  The other big change? My tummy has grown!  See:

I was just about 33 Weeks in that shot.  I wish I was standing up a little straighter, but oh well.  You can see the bump.  That’s the point.

Is it just me, or are you looking a little smaller than you were with the boys at that point?

No, it’s not just you.  I am indeed smaller.  At my 32 week appointment I measured a few inches too small, something that has never happened to me before.  The midwife felt around, discovered baby was breach and felt her head etc.  She told me that just by the feel of her she could tell this is a little baby.  She had me feel her head too and I was shocked! The midwife wasn’t overly concerned about it, but she still felt it warranted checking in to and getting more precise measurements etc. just to be safe.  I had an ultrasound one week later.  I’m not going to lie.  That week of waiting was hard.  I let my imagination run a little wild and got pretty scared about the possibilities. (Thank you Rachel Dear for letting me cry on your shoulder about it and reassuring me that things were going to be okay!)  Corey and I went to the ultrasound and thankfully she looks great!  She is indeed small.  After taking measurements they declared her to be in the 21st percentile.  But with small measuring tummies they want to see A) How big they are. If baby is in the 10th percentile or less that is cause for concern.  And B) How the placenta and amniotic fluid look.  If they are measuring small in addition to the baby measuring small that is an issue. (One that we avoided.  Placenta and Amniotic Fluid look gerat!)  So last word:  Her heart rate is great, she is moving lots, she has turned head-down… she’s fine!  As a matter of procedure (because she was under the 25th percentile) we will get to do another size check ultrasound in a month.  Fine by me!  I love seeing her!

Oh that’s good to hear!  We are glad she’s okay.  She’ll be sweet and petit, eh?

Maybe!  We won’t know for sure till she comes out I suppose.  We do still have 6 weeks of growth left after all.  She could have a big growth spurt and surprise us all!  It will be fun to see.  It will be fun to see so MANY things when she is finally here!  Will she have a distinct “Burton,” look like the boys or will she be more like me?  Will she have hair?  What is her personality going to be like?  We are anxious for answers to all of these questions and more!

So you mentioned you are feeling better.  I realized in the last interview we never got a list of your aversions and the things that were sitting well.  Wanna do that now? You know baby girl will be interested someday.

Sure!  The number one thing that turned my stomach and was unbearable to be around was the smell of barbeque… particularly smoky…outdoor…barbeque.  Oh, it was just awful!  And of course I got this aversion at the beginning of the SUMMER when everyone is cooking out.  I honestly can’t remember the smell of anything being more repellant to me in my entire life.  I could detect it from miles away. Corey was amazed at how quickly I could smell it coming up when we were driving. It would be a minute or two before his normal nose could smell it too! Also, the smell of old, musty things or places really bothered me.  I couldn’t walk past the ancient piano in our living room without my stomach turning.  That was pretty annoying because what were we going to do about it?  Also sugar was a problem.  I think I mentioned that before.  Things that sat well:  Nectarines.  They stand out above everything else.  I had so many of them during that time!  I guess that was one positive about it being summer!  Also dairy products.  Oh heaven help me they have tasted and sat so well!  I am not sure what I think of this because I typically like to eat dairy in small amounts, preferring to get my calcium from plant sources. But you know what?  Those plant sources have been on the “Definite NO!” list, so I have indulged.  My wonderful Mother in Law Cindy dropped of a case of these:


one time and they proved to be a lifesaver for me.  High in protein (gotta love Greek yogurt!), smooth texture, delicious! Something about it calmed my stomach right down, guaranteeing me at least a small time frame of relief (sometimes a few minutes, sometimes a few hours).  Cindy was sweet and kept me in good supply. 🙂  Even though I am not in the desperately ill stage anymore, I still find dairy to be super soothing.  Other than nectarines and dairy… ummmm… peanut butter bread?  I know.  Short list, eh?  I am so glad to be out of that phase!!! I’ll take painful hips and lack of sleep any day over being sick!

What are these next pictures of?


When I finally started to feel better I realized just how much I missed cooking and being in the kitchen.  I love making delicious, healthy meals for my family!  It was a genuine emotional drain not to be able to do that.  So when I started cooking again I found that I just had to take pictures.  Vegetables are so pretty, don’t you think?  (In case you are interested, In the collage is:  Butternut Squash for my favorite BNut Squash Tacos, our favorite Wheat Bread, Asparagus and Tomato Eggs with Mango, Tomato/Zucchini Tian, Energy Balls, and Salmon with Roasted New Potatoes, Parmesan Spaghetti Squash and Steamed Brussels Sprouts.  Healthy food… Yummmmmmm.)

Let’s talk about feeling baby girl move!  Jack, Alaster and Truman all had distinctive qualities while they were inside you.  Has this baby?

She’s active!  I can tell you that!  She has a favorite spot to put her foot under my ribs on the right side.  She gets the hiccups at least 3 times a day.  She stops moving whenever she feels that we are feeling her from the outside.  She loves to stretch out at night literally pushing the bounds of how far my skin is able move.  She loves to tickle me by dragging her hand or foot or who-knows-what-it-is across the full length of my belly.  It’s all so fun.  I love it.  I really do!  It’s hard to say how her movements will translate into her personality though.  I think you can only really say once they are here and you know them.  Sure NOW we see that Jack pushing us back when we pushed on him meant something, but I don’t think we really did before.

Speaking of the boys… How are they feeling about her eminent arrival?  Getting excited?

Oh yes!  I am pleased to report that Alaster has gotten over his I-don’t-want-a-baby-girl thing, and Jack is just as excited as ever.  In fact, the other day when I told him about the size ultrasound and how small she is he did the cutest thing!  He pulled his hands right up to his mouth, squeezed his shoulders up and said “Ooooooh!!!!  I once saw a baby with hands this small (imagine him showing you with his fingers the size of a really, really small baby’s hands).  I have always wanted one of those!!!!”  It was cute.

What about Truman?  How does he feel about getting a little sister?

Who knows!  I talk to him about it a lot, and he says “Baby Ner,” (“baby in there,”- pointing to my tummy) cuter than anyone I’ve ever seen, but we really have no idea if he gets it or not.  This morning he said “Baby Ner,” pointing to HIS tummy.  So…. yeah.

Oh wow!  What’s this?!?


Oh my word, don’t you just love it?!?  My friend Danielle made this for baby girl.  I just had to show you!  What a talent she has, huh?!?  Wish I could do things like this for people… for my babies!  When I grow up I’ll learn how to knit.  Maybe my Grand-babies will get some neat things from me.

You know dear, you really shouldn’t put SO many things on that list of yours. The “when I grow up,” one I mean…

Yes.  I know.

So do you have a name for his baby girl yet or what?  Names really are a nice thing to have.  I’m fairly sure she’ll want one.

Next Question.


I’m sorry.  I don’t want to be rude.  This has just been so difficult for Corey and I.  We actually think we have found the name (Bop-da-da-bah!!!! Just a couple of nights ago in fact!), but we aren’t in the mood to advertise it.  The process has been so starkly different from how it was with the boys and we admit it’s been frustrating!  Maybe in the next interview we can do a “rejected names,” list.  It would be a good time, I assure you! Corey and I have laughably different tastes in girl names.  Anyway… I don’t think we will announce her name on the blog until she is born.  I’m not too worried we will change our choice, but I still don’t want to put it on yet.  I don’t know why.  Sorry!

It’s okay, these things happen.  You are forgiven. 🙂


Okay, it’s about time to wrap this interview up. Anything else you want to say before we go?

Ummmm… let’s see.  I guess just that I am feeling very blessed and so excited to have another baby to love!  Like all pregnant women I have good days and bad… both emotionally and physically… but overall I’d say I’m in a really great place.

Oh! And one last thing:  It’s sure fun to have friends that are pregnant at the same time as you!  We just found out our good friends Jeff and Emily are expecting their 3rd girl!  I have loved being pregnant-friends on top of normal-friends with Emily.  She has the whole love-of-dairy thing going on too and we’ve made pretty good use of it together 🙂

Also, I got to make the cake for their gender reveal party last week:


Congratulations again, guys!  We sure love you!

Well that’s it folks.  We’ll try and catch Ashlee again for another interview closer to delivery time!

2 thoughts on “Pregnancy Interview #3 – 34 Weeks

  1. I love reading this!!! Yay! I”m so glad your precious baby girl is healthy and that you get to see her again before her birth. The nervous imaginings of a pregnant brain though, man. They are the worst! I look forward to the next interview and to learning her name. We didn’t reveal Benjamin’s name publicly, and it was hard for us to agree on it, so I completely understand. Much love to you!

  2. Wow wow! I LOVED this interview! I read every single word of it! I’m so happy baby girl is a healthy size. I can’t wait to hear the name! though I promise I won’t pressure you to tell me early 🙂 I can’t believe you were so sick all the way until 28 weeks! Oh friend, I should have been more helpful to you. Being sick is definitely the WORST part of pregnancy. Probably even worse than delivery/recovery.

    Danielle is so crafty! What a beautiful bonnet!

    Did I tell you that I have been posting pictures of your cake all over the place? I emailed a picture of the cut open cake to all of my friends and relatives to announce the gender. They all think it was beautiful. Thank you again 🙂

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