Testing My Resolve

Sometimes when I take pictures I like to give them titles.

I have dubbed this one “Unrepentant Pooper,”:

After what he did, he wouldn’t even deign to look at the camera when all I asked for was a picture!  That’s how little he cared!

Well folks.  It seems Truman thought he would test my commitment to laugh and take a picture in the face of toddler shenanigans tonight.

What did he do, you ask?  I will tell you.  I was making dinner in the kitchen, and Jack and Aly were playing upstairs so Truman was left to his own devices in the living room.  The first I knew anything was wrong was when I heard Alaster’s delighted exclamations.  He had come downstairs.  “Mom!  Guess what?!?!  Truman is naked!!! Ahhhhhh-hahahahaha!”  The laughing quickly stopped though, replaced by horrified shrieks “Ewwww!  He pooped!  He pooped!  There is POOP on the FLOOR!  I’m gonna THROW UP!!!!!!

Sure enough, Truman had taken his clothing and diaper off and “misused his feces,” (as Corey would later describe it.  His exact comment was “we’ve never had a child misuse their feces in this way before.”  I am still laughing at that comment.  Is there an appropriate way to use your feces, Dear?)  Thankfully it was pretty contained.  He didn’t get artistic with it, I know several babies who have played with it after similar situations (Talmage… Parker... I’m looking at YOU boys!), but it was disgusting nonetheless.

Truman couldn’t have cared less as you can see in the picture.  He was totally comfortable laying on his tummy naked and poopy when I came in.  He hardly even noticed Aly’s shrieks or my concern as I cleaned him up and tried to talk to him. (I cleaned up him first before he sat up and I took that shot.  Surely you were wondering.)

So did I laugh and take a picture?  Well… no. No immediate laughter.  It was too gross. Yes to the picture (obviously) though not of the actual mess. But I also didn’t freak out or scream or have a melt down either. And Corey and I did laugh about it a little tonight… so what do you think? Can we still call that a success?

You wanna to know the irony of all this?  Corey and I cleaned our carpets TWO WEEKS AGO. Since that time we have had the expo marker incident, an unfortunate fruit juice spill, and now this.

Man.  If only we had known.  We could have waited just two weeks and saved some cash!  I guess we can count ourselves lucky that we didn’t clean them again after just the expo marker.  Truman apparently wasn’t done leaving his mark.

Well carpet clean #2 is for sure happening tomorrow, so let’s hope he’s done now!!!


2 thoughts on “Testing My Resolve

  1. Would you believe that ALL SIX of my children have had poop incidents, and some of them multiple times? It really is all my own fault as I allow them to run around in diapers most of the summer, and have even put the onesie on for naps only later to realize it’s not at all helpful if you don’t DO UP THE SNAPS.

    I love Aly’s comments! Made me laugh. I am so so sorry for your rash of bad luck with carpet. Glad you can get it done again!

  2. misusing feces… I gotta remember that one. I could use it at work all the time.
    Seriously, I am laughing out loud. Thanks at least for making ME laugh…

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