Funky Lunky Turkey!

Oh friends.  Have you ever forgotten about one of your children’s homework assignments and then had to do it in a hurry the morning it is due when you finally remember?  Anyone?  Anyone?  No?  Really?

Yeah. Totally. Me either.



Aly and I recently made a turkey together one morning.  PLAN:  Quickly get every craft supply in the house on the kitchen table and go to town!  Half way through the project we identified our GOAL:  Make the funniest, funkiest, most colorful, crazy, silly, turkey on the block!  How do you think we did?
turkey lurkey

The turkey ended up with rope, ribbon, paint, crayon, puff balls, buttons, patriotic twine and Cheerios on him!  We had a pretty good laugh about the buttons on his head and the golden wings.

Aly could not have been cuter about doing this together, and he couldn’t have been prouder of the turkey’s final look.  He was so forgiving of the fact I forgot even though he had really been looking forward to doing this project and had asked me on previous occasions if we could work on it. (Bad mom!  I know!)  But he didn’t waste one second being angry with me.  He just got on board with our plan and ran with it!  Sweet boy.

This boy loves to be creative.  He loves spending time together.  He loves to be silly.

This turkey, frankly, is Aly’s personality in a nutshell.  It suits him perfectly.  Perhaps having to get it done in a hurry wasn’t a bad thing.  I would have probably pushed for a more respectable looking turkey and where’s the fun in that?!?

2 thoughts on “Funky Lunky Turkey!

  1. I think that is is sooo funny that children are doing mosaic turkeys all across the continent… and I bet no two turn out the same! I love yours.

  2. How funny! A friend of mine recently posted a n Facebook that she was up at 4:30 am working on this same thing for the same reason. You are not alone. 😉

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