Monday night for FHE we finally started giving some thanks. (I feel like we were a bit slow on the uptake this year!  How is it already Nov 16?!?) we got out TOM (for whom no one was more excited than Alaster!) and had a little lesson about Gratitude that included THIS lovely video.  We talked about giving thanks to Heavenly Father and also to other people.

We concluded the night by writing notes and decorating cupcakes to show our gratitude to the Primary Presidency in our ward that was JUST RELEASED.  They had an enormous impact on our sons, and we are so grateful for their love and hard work on behalf of the children in our ward.  We are excited for the new Presidency, but so, so sad to see this one go!

It was a fun evening, and I think the cupcakes turned out pretty well!

Jack and I did the frosting.  Corey and Aly did the eyes and beaks.  Too cute, and very, very simple!  Just what I needed to get me back into doing fun things like this!  Huzzah!

Happy Gratitude Month All!  Chances are if you are reading this blog that I am very grateful for YOU!!!  I’ve never known a girl more blessed with amazing friends and family than yours truly!


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