Jacko McTaco

So I have a few funny stories about our eldest to share with you today, plus the general updates one expects and needs to know.  I do NOT have a picture (grumble, grumble). Jack has been more willing to smile for family photos on special occasions lately, but remains stingy with me when it comes to single shots in everyday situations (sigh).  Thankfully I think the stories are good enough that they stand on their own.  Hope you agree!

One of my favorite things about Jack lately:  How he verbally expresses himself.  He’s branching out in his vocabulary.  Example:  One day an ambulance almost ran into us (his fault, not mine I swear!) when the whole episode was over Jack took a deep breath and exasperatedly said:

“Well that was unpleasant.”

Or the time he complained because I needed him to do something and he wanted to be lazy:

“Why can’t I just resume my movie?”

Or the time he defended the dinner I made to a complaining Alaster:

“WHAT!  Have you no taste buds?!?!”

Or the time he told us a hilarious story about when he was playing soccer at lunch and the ball hit him in the stomach, knocked the wind out of him, and toppled him over.  He laughed through the whole retelling, paused for a moment and followed it up very seriously with:

“And I… uhhh…. determined I’m not going to play soccer anymore.”

Did you know?

That Jack and Truman still have the cute-cute-cutest relationship?  He simply adores that baby.  He gets him out of his room in the morning to play.  He wrestles with him and throws him against the couch (Truman’s favorite).  They can play with a ball for an hour of constant running and laughing.  Jack gets hugs and kisses from Truman almost as much as I do.  Jack finds Truman cute, funny, stinky, and practically perfect.  He talks sweetly to him when he’s sad.  He puts on his best older brother voice to chastise him when he’s naughty (then looks over at me to share a giggle at whatever he did).  He helps him with so many daily tasks and tries to include him in games.  Truman calls him “Dack,” and he loves it.

Corey and I feel like Truman is the best thing that ever happened to “Dack.”  He’s learning to be selfless, kind, loving and generous in a way that we think only Truman could have taught him.  It’s pretty much the sweetest thing ever.

Speaking of Jack and Babies.  He still wants to name baby girl:


And one day he talked about what he’d like to name one of his future sons.  He thought it all rather hilarious:

I’m probably going to name my son… Bob.  I like that name.  Then I could say stuff like “Yes Bob?” and when I called his name I’d be like “Hey Bob!” and when he was in trouble I’d say “Stop that this instant, Bob!”  giggle, giggle…

Jack thinks he knows pretty much everything about certain subjects (often the truth), but occasionally he gets things mixed up in his mind.  One night he was looking out his window and got a little scared.  He came down stairs and announced to Corey and I:

“Bad news people: Purple Clouds.  And you know what that means!”  (Clouds often turn green before a tornado strikes.)

Something he does that drives us bananas and makes us proud all at the same time:

Play the piano.  The kid never stops.  He loves it, he’s very naturally talented, and he’s willing to work hard at it (a winning combo!).  He’s starting to explore classical music and form opinions (Rachmaninoff is his favorite composer these days… My dad would be so proud!).  This is all good.  Right?  Yeah.  Mostly.  Except that he loves certain songs more than others and we will get to hear these certain songs literally hundreds and hundreds of times.  Also?  He has this horrible habit of choosing to hop on the piano at the most stressful of times (as we are trying to get uncooperative things and people ready to leave the house for example) and play his wildest, loudest pieces!  Love him.  I really do!

Something Jack is incapable of doing:

Eating an entire banana.  Weird.  True.  He can only eat about 1/2- 3/4 of one.

His most common food request:


Jack’s preferred way to eat at the table:

Like a bird… or a frog.  Imagine him perched up on his tippy-toes, bum down, knees out to the side, crouched over his plate.  Or sometimes he just wants to stand.  Corey and I are working on it.

What Jack wants to be when he grows up:

A Spy.

A Superhero he’d like to be someday:

Captain Mathematics!!!

Jack does not like:

Surprises.  Doesn’t like to be teased about future gifts or events.  Doesn’t like when we won’t tell him something.  Doesn’t like to wait.

But he does love:

To scare people.  Did I ever tell you about the time he snuck downstairs and scared the living daylights out of me when Corey was at work one night?  I still owe that kid…

What he said when he heard he had a day off from school in January:

Thank you, Martin Luther King, for saving me from school tomorrow!(… pause…) And also for saving almost the whole world.

How Jack un-scared himself one night after reading Goosebumps:

By reading one of my cookbooks.

A nice conversation he and I had one day:

J:  “Mom?  Why do I love to hug you so much?”
Me: “Because you love me, and you want to feel the love I have for you back.”
J: “Yes.  And because you are soft as a mattress.”

True Story:

Jack loves to snuggle with me.  He wants me to give him long “hold-hugs,” and rub/tickle his back.  He says things like “I wish I could just stay like this forever and ever… for a million years!”  Jack’s love language is physical touch for SURE!  I am one lucky mom to be the recipient of such affection and to get to give it back to him!

Guess What?!?

Jack had his first hired job recently!  That’s what!  A friend of ours, Nancy McNabb, hired him to tend to her plants while she was away for a few days.  She has also hired him for some small yard clean-up type things.  I am happy to report that he’s a hard worker with an eye for the details.  He loved doing it!  Way to go Jack!

Something he and I really argued about one day:

Why I wouldn’t let him eat something with a string attached to it, so that he could later pull it up and observe how the digestive process had taken it’s toll.  Ewwwww!

His favorite activities:

Paper anything… origami, made-up origami, paper airplanes, drawing… you name it… paper is this kid’s best friend.  Also he loves to rollerblade, play any kind of outdoor sport with friends, wrestle with Alaster and Truman, play the piano (as mentioned), and read.

Our Jack Edward is one of a kind!  We love him.  We worry about him.  We are enjoying him.  We are so grateful for his help and his good choices.  We can’t wait to see where life will take our good, talented, wonderful boy!

One thought on “Jacko McTaco

  1. Soren has a cousin his age named Juliet, and as I was thinking about those two cousins playing so well together the other day it actually occurred to me that Juliet is a pretty name and I thought of you and how it seemed like a name you might like. So I vote for Jack’s name choice 😉

    I love how I get to know your boys a little better in interacting with them in primary each week now.

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