Today I’d Like to Write About…

The littlest boy around here. You know… this one?

(I know that picture was very recently put up on the blog, but I kind of can’t get enough of it, so you’ll have to excuse me.)

I know Truman needs a proper update, and I have one planned, really I do.  I just don’t have the time to go through all my notes and cutsie them up and make a nice thorough post right now.  Today I’d rather just tell you some things I’ve been thinking this morning that I absolutely love about this stinky, precious little boy of mine.

You see… we’ve had a busy, busy week, but today we’ve been able to be home playing and working together around the house, just the two of us.  I love these kinds of days!  I need them!  I need to have good, slow time to just love and enjoy my children and my work in the home or I get sad, I really, really do!

So while he’s upstairs sleeping I’d like to record what I’m loving about this particular child today:

Today I am loving our morning ritual of holding hands while we walk down the stairs first thing in the morning.  He doesn’t need my hand anymore, and for the rest of the day as he goes up and down the stairs he won’t want it, but on that first trip? Hold hands we must!  If I am slow about it he reaches out: “Han?” (hand?)  and down we go to greet the day.

Today I am loving his soft round features and all the physical closeness that comes with toddlers.  I am loving how he holds on tight to my neck while I pull his pants up or take his shoes off, how he squishes his cheek against mine as we whisper and bend down to look at something new together, how he comes and sits on my lap and plays with my hair.  I am loving how he asks for “Ah Bife!” (high fives), how he leans his head back and grins at me to let me know he wants to be tickled (his favorite tickle-spot is his collar bone… hence exposing it as a clue),  and I am even loving how he smacks my chest and face when he’s bored.

Today I am loving how he seeks my approval and support.  I am loving how excited he gets when I tell him “perfect!” and he shouts it right back at me “Boohfeck!” as he slides a puzzle piece right into place.  I am loving how he ends counting to 12 with “Oooh Gob!” and looks to me to repeat that last part “good job!”  I am loving how he has a stash of phrases in general that he can’t help but say in animated, enthusiastic tones:  “Ehhheeeis!” (there he is!) “Oh-wo-won!” (another one!) “Oh yeah!” and “Oh Yes!” It’s never just a straight “yeah,” or “yes,” with him, and “BeeeBaaah!!!”  (Pizza!!!!)

Today I am loving how he throws fits.  You see… Truman rarely if ever does the typical angry thrash about and scream or cry kind of fit.  Instead he does the I’m-so-sad-you-are-totally-breaking-my-heart kind of cry.  That and he asks in a pathetic, somewhat whiney tone “Ahh not?”  (why not?)  Both of these tactics are quite hard to resist, but we do our best.

Today I am loving how at least five times during the day he stops what he’s doing, runs over to touch me and says in a sweet, loving voice “AhhhMe,” or “MeeMee,”  (Mommy).  I am loving how he shouts “AhhDee!” as soon as he sees Corey when he comes home from work, and often stops what he’s doing to point out “AhhDee,” too.  I am loving how much he loves “Dack!” (Jack) and how much he is trying to love “AhhWee” or “WeeWee,” (Aly).

Today I am loving, and totally appreciating, his easy, short and sweet bedtime/naptime routine.  Only Truman would ask so little to get sent off to sleep!  Here’s how it goes down:  We say “Truman, time for bed.”  He cleans up or drops what he is doing and asks “Teef?”  (As in… are we going to brush my teeth? Done for both nap and bedtimes.)  We say “yep,” and off he goes up the stairs, no complaints.  In the bathroom he asks “Isss?” (Sit?) And we let him sit on the sink as we brush.  If it’s night time we then go to his room and make the switch to PJ’s. At this point we hug then he sits right down on his bed.  At night we fold our arms and he repeats a prayer.  After the prayer he lays his head down on one “gecket,” (blanket), snuggles his “Nuno,” (Muno- a beanie baby from Yo Gabba Gabba), and we cover him with his other “gecket.”  We lean over him, kiss his cheeks and say “Love you!”  He says “Ooooh ooooh!”  We say “Nigh, Night!”  He says “Nigh, Nigh!” And then we leave the room and he goes to sleep.  Simple as that folks! He is just so sweet!  (In his proper update post I will tell the funny/sad/cute/sweet story of switching to the toddler bed.  That was the one and only time sleeping has been an issue.)

Today I am loving his many different laughs.  Did you know his giggle is kind of low?  It. Is. Adorable.  Making Truman laugh is always a goal of my day.  It’s one of the happiest, most infectious sounds in the world, and thankfully it’s quite easy to extract from such a happy boy.

Today I am loving how he wants to be with me.  I  am loving how he follows me from room to room throughout the day unless I tell him “I’ll be right back,” in which case he waits then happily shouts “AhhBack!” when I return.  I am loving how he takes an interest in what I’m doing and often wants to help.  I love how he likes to help sort laundry, be on my hip while I am cooking, and poke his head in front of my book or the computer screen.  I love how he bangs on the door and cries when I’m in the bathroom.  K that last one is a lie.  When it comes to that one thing I wish he’d more readily allow me my privacy. 🙂

Today I am just simply loving his Truman-ness. Honestly? I don’t even know how to put it into words sometimes.  You just have to know him.  All I can say is that this baby boy has a tremendous hold on our hearts and I am so, so very grateful to for the opportunity to be his mommy.


(A picture from early this past summer)

I love you Mr. Matthew!  A proper update to follow soon!

One thought on “Today I’d Like to Write About…

  1. Just so you know….the “proper” update better be fanTABulous, because that was pretty much the cutest blog post ever. What an adorable boy!

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