Monday night, chores done, showers taken, dinner eaten… time to carve pumpkins!

Did you know Corey actually pretty much detests the process of carving pumpkins? But did you also know that the love of his little boys far outweighs his disdain of pumpkin goop? Good Daddy.  Very good Daddy.  While he carved with them, I did a few things:  I pulled each boy away for a piano practice, cheered on the active carvers, took pictures AND… pulled out the computer!

We had a question about something from a Halloween past and we ended looking at each and every Halloween-themed post I’ve ever done on this blog and our blogger blog (It was a lot!).  We had so much fun!  The boys couldn’t believe how cute they were when they were little!  They ooohed and aaahed over each other.  It was darling.  One of favorite comments came from Jack “So THAT’s why you take so many pictures!”  Yes, Jack.  That’s why I take so many pictures.  So we can look back with lots of fond “Oh yeah!  I remember _______  that was so fun!”  and “Oh my word!  Look at _______  He was so cute!”

Without further ado… Pumpkins 2013:


It really was a fun, fun night.  I love this little family of mine!  Maybe next year Truman will be big enough to join us!  This year he was off in dream land while we carved.

True Story:  I didn’t get out our Halloween decorations this year.  Reason:  Too hard.  I already feel pretty behind with things, and the decorations are in a tub somewhere deep in the bowels of our walk in closet.  I simply didn’t feel like pulling everything out and then putting everything back… not when I am struggling to get more important things done, you know?

Another True Story:  I missed them 😦  I wish I would have just done it.  I think the boys missed them too.  Do you like the festive door signs they made?  They also drew some pictures of monsters and taped them up around the house.  Sorry boys.  I promise not to be a dud-of-a-mother next year!

And good job on your pumpkins!



Also, I didn’t have a better post to put this next collage in.  Daddy brought home a fun surprise for Jack and Aly one night:



And GUESS WHAT?!?  THIS IS POST #100 on WordPress.  Can I get a Woop-Woop?!?  We switched to wordpress just about 1 year ago.  100 memories recorded.  I feel pretty good about that!


One thought on “Punkins!

  1. Cool pumpkins! And don’t feel bad about the decorations. We did for once pull ours out, and my kids acted like they’d never seen them before. It’s been a good two years I think. It also gave me a really intense longing for a shopping trip to Rod Works. Did you ever go there??

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