Halloween Night!

I was having a pretty pregnant morning on Halloween Day. Truman was sick, I didn’t feel great either… we just kind of took it easy. Blegh. I could not have been more happy to go and pick up Jack and Alaster from school! The instant they got in the car they started infusing our day with their enthusiasm and joy. It was infectious and Truman and I caught the spirit!  Thanks guys!  We sure needed you!

Okay, I had planned a super-cool-after-school-Halloweenie-snack.  It didn’t happen.  But you know what?  I had pomegranates (that they boys had no memory of ever eating before- so we still had the novelty-factor going for us).  So I opened them up, called them “blood balls,” and what do you know?  They absolutely loved it!  Thanks Kate, for reminding me that kids don’t need fancy to be totally happy!

Also in this collage… just some after-school goodness.  Aly wanted to finish coloring a book he started making at school and Jack wailed on the piano.  Did you know that kid loves to play the piano?  LOVES.

Truman the sicko.  At least we got him in a festive shirt 🙂 True to his nature he managed to still be very pleasant even though he was sick.  See the sad cough and nose wipey pics? Ohhhh!


What’s with Truman and managing to get sick just in time for holidays?  He has a knack for it, poor thing!  I never posted about Christmas 2012, but look how sick and sad he was that day:



Anyway… So there were a lot of things I didn’t manage to do, but I did get with it enough to continue our homemade pizza dinner tradition.  The boys were so, so cute decorating their pizzas together.  They were really involved in what the other person was doing and how it was all turning out.  I loved hearing them give each other tips and compliments.  Those two… I tell you what… I just can’t get enough of their friendship!  It’s one of my favorite things in the whole world.  Anyway, the decorating was very fun and quite the process.  Lots of toppings going on and off as they got their designs juuuuusssst right.  It was really, really fun!


Daddy, Truman and I just had normal pizzas this year.  Normal, but still delicious!  I loaded mine up with all my favorite pizza veggies:  Tomatoes, Green Peppers, Olives and Purple Onion.  Yummmmm.  Corey had Pepperoni, Olives and Green Pepper.  Truman had Pepperoni and Peppers.

Do you put your cheese under or over your toppings?  I put mine on top but for Corey’s I did underneath.  I can’t decide which is better!

Jack’s pizza has eyebrows, Aly’s has the tomato nose.  Gram provided the super cute placemats:


Even the sick boy enjoyed this dinner.  That kid is a sucker for “BeeBa”!!!


After dinner Jack and Aly headed out with dad to go Trick or Treating.  They went around our little housing community and ended the night at Gram’s house where they were handsomely rewarded for the pop-in with darling gift bags FULL of fun toys and treats.  They have been playing with their spoils ever since!  What a fun Gram!

Truman and I stayed home.  He went straight to bed after dinner and I got to hand out candy to all the cute Trick or Treaters.

It was a great night!  Especially since I wasn’t feeling well all morning I couldn’t help but be grateful for holidays and previously-set-up traditions that our little family gets to build memories year after year with.  It’s nice to have something to look forward to, something to count on, and something to pull you out of a funk, you know?

Happy Halloween All!  Now on to Thanksgiving, Christmas, and BABY GIRL!!!  She’ll be here before we know it!


2 thoughts on “Halloween Night!

  1. That picture of Truman from Christmas is the saddest thing I’ve ever seen! Poor guy. Sorry he’s had the gombooey. Jack and Aly’s pizzas look so cool and Halloweeny! Would you believe my kids don’t like pizza? Every time it’s served I get a collective, “aww! I hate pizza!” We had tomato soup. Boooring! Anyway, good to see you blogging! I love getting a chance to see your life. 😉

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