Trunky Treaty

Before this post really gets going… A small update for you: I am doing better. Thank you to everyone who cared! I appreciated your notes and thoughts.  I took my medicine like a good girl (even though I am loath to take such things).  I laid in bed all afternoon and evening Thursday after my midwife appointment.  I stayed in bed most of the day Friday (except after a while it’s not actually that comfortable… my OTHER hip was starting to feel the strain!  So I also spent some time sitting quietly on the couch in a comfortable position, but not doing anything.). Then by Saturday at noon I felt well enough to attend the Ward Trunk or Treat!  Which is actually what this post is about.  So on we go…

This is the first year the boys have wanted some kind of coordinating costumes.  It worked out nicely as we already had the first costume for Alaster (minus the scarf and tie… not sure what happened to them!):
trunk or treat1

Remember the first time we had a Harry Potter in the family? HERE. (Someone please click and reminisce with me about how absolutely stinkin’ cute Jack was that year!)  Alaster was likewise darling.  He looks good in glasses, don’t you think?

Jack was Lord Voldemort.  People at the Trunk or Treat called him all kinds of things.  “What’s up Tom?!”  “Look!  It’s he-who-must-not-be-named!” “Hey Voldemort.”

Jack was very particular about his costume.  We found a children’s Voldemort costume with a mask and everything, but he didn’t think it was good enough.  He decided that a grim reaper cloak was more like what he’d actually look like.  He wanted his face a certain way… the wand a certain way… It was all to his specifications 🙂  Corey tried and tried to get him to shave his head bald, but in the end Jack’s vanity won out.  Did you know Jack is very vain when it comes to his hair?  True story.  So instead he just kept the hood up:

trunk or treat2

Didn’t Corey and the boys do a great job making wands again?  It was a great little wood project they did together.  What a fun Dad Corey is!  We actually have Voldemort and Harry’s wands (yep, we’re nerds alright!) but the boys really wanted wood ones.  I love Corey for doing it with them!

trunk or treat3

Okay, funny Truman story:  Truman was NOT in to dressing up.  So much so that I didn’t buy him a costume, because I didn’t think he’d actually end up wearing it!  Instead I just borrowed from a friend (thanks Aubrey!).  We tried it on him one random afternoon and he just kept saying “Off!  Off!  Ah done!” (all done!).  So we took it off.  WELL… the day of the trunk or treat he watched Jack and Alaster go through the process of excitedly getting ready with much interest.  Then when I asked him if he was ready for his costume he got equally excited, put it right on and shouted “Waaaahr!  I a di soh!”  (Raaar!  I’m a dinosaur!)  I was totally shocked!  And totally tickled!  Could this kid be any cuter?!?  The middle pic is him doing his best “Waaaahr!”

trunk or treat4

Oh Truman.  I love you so much!

The trunk or treat started off with a chili cook off.  Most of the family had chili (although at different intervals… hence Jack is not in this collage).  One of us just ate the candy corn table decorations:

trunk or treat5

PS:  Corey was TOTALLY WARNED that I would put that picture up.  It was his own fault he chose not to make a nice smile for the camera. Alaster did it just fine…

Now here’s where the pictures get a bit pathetic because I started to wish I was back in bed.  I didn’t even take any medicine that morning because it made me drowsy.  I tried to take Truman to a few of the activities they had set up in the classrooms, but in the end I just wasn’t feeling up to it.  We hung out mostly in the foyer and with daddy who was running the fishing pole game.   Our path did cross Alaster’s a few times, but never Jack’s.  I’m pretty sure Jack and Aly got to all the games.  I’m sorry we didn’t Truman!  And I’m sorry I don’t have any pictures of Jacko having fun!

Can you see Corey’s Elf-Ears in the pic where he’s holding Truman?  He bought both of us a set, so we went as elves.  Corey was a Lord of the Ring’s Elf.  I was a House Elf… to go with the Harry Potter theme of course!  I think Corey was disappointed in my choice.

trunk or treat6

A couple shots of the Trunk or Treat.  I sat in the car for most of it and just waited till it was time to go home. Aly joined me and we had a nice time talking and munching on his candy.

trunk or treat7

Happy faces on the way home:

trunk or treat8

Actually not home.  They went to Gram and Grampas!  Ed and Cindy wanted to spend the afternoon with them, and I was more than willing!  I went home and went back to bed with medicine where I stayed for the rest of the day, and the boys got to still have a fun Saturday afternoon!

But you know what?  By Sunday I really was back to normal!  And I’m not sad that I went to the Trunk or Treat.  How could I have missed that?!?  Now I know I just need to take it kind of easy and take care of my body a little better so that I don’t have another episode like that one.  It was not fun!

More Halloween Fun coming to a blog near you soon!

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