Bed Rest

Yesterday morning I woke up from bed with the same horrible “I can’t move,” feeling I’ve been struggling with the past few weeks. My left hip, lower back and bum (tmi?) were in a cah-razy amount of pain. If I moved at all my back would spasm and send shooting pain through the whole area.  I had to wake up Corey to get the boys ready for school while I took a shower hoping to loosen things up.  I was able to drive the boys to school, but as soon as I came home I hit the couch and just laid there in the one position that didn’t hurt while Truman watched shows.

I don’t feel like this every day, but for the past few weeks that whole area on my left side (where lies the old ballet injury that I never really got over) has ached, and I certainly have had a few days with the spasm-can’t-move-hurts-so-bad-I’m-crying issue.  I had learned not to push it too hard or do things that brought those bad days on (ie. no prenatal yoga for me!).  But yesterday it really came out of the blue… there was nothing that I could point to that could have caused it.  I started to feel like this pain lied outside the realm of normal third-trimester aches and pains.  Corey agreed.

So…. I called the midwives who were thankfully incredibly understanding and sweet.  They squeezed me in to what was already a packed day.  First they monitored baby and reassured me that she was doing just fine.  Then we talked about me.  They think the pain was probably caused by multiple issues:  the old injury, increased production of relaxin (the hormone that loosens all your ligaments etc. to prepare your body for delivery), a growth spurt by baby (I gained 4 pounds since my appointment last week!), her position, etc.

They prescribed me baby-safe muscle relaxers/pain medication, and put me on temporary bed rest (2-4 days) until my body settled down and started to heal.  They also recommended heat and a visit to the chiropractor. They were very firm on the You-don’t-do-anything-but-take-care-of-this-you-still-have-at-least-10-weeks-to-go! instruction so I cancelled all my plans (these things tend to happen right in the thick of life, no?) and Corey took the day off.  He was a rock-star Daddy while I lay in bed all afternoon and evening.  He made wands with the boys for Halloween (J and A want to be Harry and Voldemort).  He took the boys grocery shopping (where he picked me up a get-well-Toblerone that I steadily ate throughout the day).  He did some other shopping for the Halloween Trunk-or-Treat that the YM are in charge of.  He made a delicious and nutritious dinner (that he served me in bed!).  He did dishes and basically took care of everything!  And today has been the same story.

I am grateful that he is so danged awesome, but I hope he never has to be again.  I really hope that babying myself yest/today/this weekend will heal it all up so I can be back to my normal self.  I don’t like not being the mom.  You know?

Anyway, one good thing that came from this is that I have really had a chance to focus on baby-girl.  I have felt her move a lot more… maybe I have been so active that I just didn’t notice before?  And it’s been really fun to just have the time to pay attention to it.  A picture of her has started to form in my mind, and it has reminded me there is an actual baby in there… I don’t just have a condition known as “pregnancy,” that is causing my body to swell and have some trouble.  You know?

I’m getting excited to meet her!  Can I show you some fun things?  Some clothes we have received/bought?  Here is one from my friend Taizsa:

Ahhhhh!  Do you love the glittery letters?!?  I think that one will look particularly darling with a little ballet tutu. 🙂

These I picked up when my friend Marie took me to a major consignment event.  I got them all for a steal!  My favorite is the corduroy polka dot dress and the onesie with little pink fish on it!  So cute!


Grandma Burton took Corey and the boys shopping for some winter things today and apparently they couldn’t help themselves from buying things for baby girl too.  Corey picked out the navy blue dress with red sweater (so sweet!), Aly picked out the sweat outfit (top left) that she is going to feel SO snuggly in!  It’s like the perfect sweatshirt material!  Jack picked out the top right outfit, and Gram did the rest.  I am particularly in love with the middle outfit (you can’t really see the flower print, but it’s so sweet!) and the pajamas (left middle) also cuter than the picture shows!  Isn’t the color on that one great?


This next collage features gifts from Grandma Carmen.  It was so fun to get a package from her!  Love the flower hat!  Love the soft sheepy blanket!  Love the silver collectable sippy cup!  Love the mini bottle (to feed her medicine with… what a brilliant idea!)  And love the blanket she made herself!  Thank you Gram!!!  They are all great!


And my Aunt Dee sent these super cute bibs and blanket.  The blanket is kind of hiding underneath, but it is super cute and plushy!


Yep.  It’s all worth it, isn’t it?  Being sick…hurting body… All 100% worth it!

Can’t wait to meet you sweet baby girl!  So many people are in love with you already!


5 thoughts on “Bed Rest

  1. I’m so happy that you are feeling better! I’ve been thinking about you all weekend! Love this post, and I too am SO excited to meet your little baby girl.

  2. Gram says the “Blanket” is for the floor or yard to lay on and not a “wrap-up” blanket. The stuff on the right in the picture is from Aunt Mely.
    Love and prayers EVERY day for you and the little girl.

  3. I am so sorry for your pains Asher!!! No fun! It must be the pregnancy hormones coupled with the fact that I am so happy you are having a girl but every time I read your posts about her I just cry! I love you so much cousin!

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