Mr. Morgan Stories and Updates

A very important question Aly asked me at the beginning of summer break from school this past year:

Will we be getting a summer break from church also?

When Aly is feeling particularly adamant that we do something he says:

I DEMAND you to __________. (He thinks he’s saying command, which we know he’s heard before.)

One night he came out of bed complaining that his head hurt and his nose was feeling:

“Spicy.” Tired and a little annoyed that he was out of bed I told him to blow it and get back in bed.  He kept trying to talk to me about it and I, only half listening, kept putting him off and telling him to just blow it and go to bed!  But when he frantically shouted MOM!!! WHAT is HAPPENING to my NOSE?!?! in total despair at me… I got what a big deal it really was to him.  Sorry it took me a minute buddy!

A question he asked me one day after we had been talking about the potential of moving in our future:

“Do people get new Grandparents when they move?”  Awwww…. Sad!

Have I told you what he started this year?:

Piano Lessons! He’s a natural! His teacher thinks he’s pretty much the funniest, cutest student ever. He plays each note loudly while shouting the name of the note and counting. I will never forget one song “F2! F2! F! F! F2!” It went on from there, but the F2 line was my favorite. Seriously though, he does have a natural talent for it, andhe’s doing great.

One day he excitedly told me that he really wanted to eat:

“Ba!-Aa!-Rr!-Ff!  (At this point what would you have been thinking?!?) -Ait!”  He meant “parfait,” but was pronouncing it “barfait.”  I died laughing because of how he slowly articulated it like that for emphasis.  It gave my mind just enough time to think he was asking to eat “barf,” before he ended with “ait,” and I knew what he meant. Hilarious. BOTH boys now refer to parfaits (fancy for yogurt with fruit and granola) as barfaits, and I have no desire to correct them!

Playing the damsel in distress while cleaning the bathroom one morning I asked the boys “Are there any brave young men that will save their mother and bring her a new hand towel for this clean bathroom???”  Jacks immediate response: “Nay!”  Alaster’s?:

“What did you need?” (said most gallantly with a puffed out chest) I repeated my request and sent him on his quest which he performed with alacrity!

A very ALY phrase:

“I can’t believe I’m saying this, but…”  He usually says this when he’s had a choice of some kind.  Like… “Do you want the apple or the banana Aly?”  “I can’t believe I’m saying this, but…. the apple!”

My Favorite Joke he’s ever told me: (He made this up in the car on the way home from school one day, and thought he was so funny. I died laughing because of how funny he thought he was!)

Why did the Chip eat himself?
Because he was so yummy! He was a chip, of course!

Something I always appreciate:

His willingness and even urgency to complete his homework. He takes school very seriously and works really hard at it. He makes sure I am informed about what is going on and what he needs to be doing etc. It’s very, very sweet and good! Here’s hoping this attitude continues through the years…!

A few words in his regular vocabulary that I find pretty danged adorable:

Particular.  As in “I am looking for a particular car for the church bag mom.”
Arrive/Arrived.  As in “Am I the first to arrive?” or “Oh! (insert friend’s name here) has just arrived!”
Horrid/Horrbile. One day he told me “Horrid,” was way more fun to say than “bad.” 🙂  My favorite time he ever said horrible was when I asked him how I should tell his Daddy his day was going (I was texting Corey). His response: “Horrible. Horrible! Tell him that it is JUST horrible!” OH the drama… he is so MY Corey’s child 🙂

Perhaps my favorite word he mispronounces:

“Floofa.”  (He means Loofah.)  Or maybe “Festibal.” (Festival)

Something he does that really annoys Jack but tickles me:

Sings songs he’s learning at school to himself (kind of absentmindedly) in the car.  “Won’t you be my darlin’,” is my fave.

Something Aly always knows:

The author’s name of the book he’s reading.  The first time I realized this we were at the library.  We asked the librarian to help us find a book he wanted, and she asked me if I knew who the author was.  I said “no,” but Alaster piped right up: “Mo Willems.”  I was astonished!  He turned out to be totally right!

Something he really wants to learn:

How to cook.  He joins me whenever I offer to let him help, and this summer he learned a few kitchen skills.  Behold!  He can make:


You know Aly likes to write notes to us.  The way he addressed this one to me really made me giggle:



A Sad Story:

I prepared these collages over a YEAR ago for an Aly update that never happened.  Commence random old picture drop in 3… 2… 1….



I remember I was excited to post this collage because of the names he had given these penguins:  Tina and Maria.







And we’ll end with some Aly favorites (I asked him this afternoon for fun):

Food: Pizza, Salad, Nectarines, Hot Chocolate
Game: Anything on the Wii (he plays way more often than I’d like to admit) these days he’s loving Zelda
Subject in School: Science
Thing to do with Jack: Wrestle
Thing to do with Truman: Hug
Thing to do with our Whole Family: Play Wii (minus mom)
Thing to do with Mom: Read books at night
Toy: Dragon Set (He still very much loves to play imaginative games with toys, without toys, by himself, or with a friend… If I were a better mom I’d let him get his train set out more often.  That thing will occupy him for a whole day!)
Part of the Day: Nighttime, because he loves to read in his bed with me and with Jack and by himself.
Best Friend at School: Jonas and Caden

Mr. Morgan is growing up so fast.  This post feels really inadequate and is a good reminder that I need to do “update,” posts more often.  How many stories and details have failed to make it on the blog?!?  How many pictures should I have taken that I haven’t?!? (Some people are rolling their eyes right now at that one, but I don’t care what they think!) The boys are changing and growing faster than I am recording, and for some reason I feel like with Alaster in particular there is much that has gone missing.  Sad!!!

Anyhow… We love our Mr. Morgan!  This house wouldn’t be nearly so fun without him in it!

Jack and Truman posts to follow soon…

Happy Weekend All!

2 thoughts on “Mr. Morgan Stories and Updates

  1. I LOVED these last two posts! Your boys are so adorable! I almost died over the old pictures of Aly. Is his baby named Paul? Please tell me he still plays with Paul! That is the cutest thing!

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