Sweet Boys, Lucky Mom

Yesterday morning I woke up grumpy and in pain.  I had hardly slept at all and my hips hurt so badly that I could barely walk.  I hobbled along trying to get myself and the boys ready for school.  Jack kept looking at me and I wondered what he thought of my funny, slow walk and the occasional wince that I couldn’t hold in.

Truman, who is normally so obedient, for some reason didn’t want to get his shoes and jacket on when it was time to go.  I kept begging him to come over to me so I wouldn’t have to get up from where I had already plopped on the floor.  I managed to coax him over and get his jacket on, but I didn’t have his shoes with me (woops!).  I called to Jack and asked him to toss them over… meanwhile Truman got away from me again.  Jack looked at my situation before responding “Actually, I’ll just get them on him.”  Then he proceeded to chase Truman down, talk him sweetly into sitting down, and put his shoes on.

As I watched him deal so happily and cutely with Truman I wanted to cry.  It may not seem like a very big-deal thing… but to me… in that moment… it was a huge act of service.  I thought about it all day long.

(He’s still catching bugs on a daily basis.)

In the mail this week came another welcome surprise:


First of all… what a sweet thing for his teacher to do!  Second of all… Alaster.  He is so consistently happy and helpful.  I seriously love that boy!

Then there’s this guy:


(Bath crayons are one of his favorite things!)

He might just be the sweetest pup in the litter.  Well now… that’s hard to say. They are all so good, and each of them have a different brand of sweet so you really can’t compare.

Anyway, sometimes I don’t feel like I deserve Truman or his love.  So often he gets the short end of the stick.  When I think of what I was able to do with Jack and Alaster BOTH at this age and compare it to what I am doing with Truman it makes me sad.  Our life is just so different.  And yet this kid… he is the essence of content, loving, and good.

Now, I have no delusions that my kids are perfect.  I don’t need them to be.  We go through our rough moments just like every other family.  But I also can’t deny that I have been sent three sweet, sweet wonderful boys.  And I am so lucky blessed!

3 thoughts on “Sweet Boys, Lucky Mom

  1. Oh no! Not achy hips! That’s one of the hardest parts of pregnancy for me. I’m sorry you are dealing with that now 😦 But no doubt, you DO have 3 of the sweetest boys ever. And at the end of the long road of achy hips and sleepless nights, you will have one of the sweetest GIRLS ever! (the sleepless nights won’t end just yet, but at least you’ll have a sweet baby girl to keep you company all night.)

    Let’s hang out again soon!

  2. I scrubbed my shower and bath yesterday and thought of you! Is it horrible that when I see bath crayons I think, “but then I’d have to wash them off…” Ha! Maybe I should get me some. It would force me to clean the tub more often.

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