At The Patch

We have had a wonderful weekend! The fun started yesterday with an impromptu movie night.  We rented The Smurfs (because we are seriously awesome, unselfish parents) and made chocolate chip cookies.  The boys were so cute!  Corey and I loved getting to snuggle with them and listen to them laugh.  We didn’t laugh at the movie at all, but we sure did laugh at them!  Their sincere giggles were just too much.

This morning we did chores (we may have skipped them last night).  Alaster and Daddy tackled downstairs, Jack and I did upstairs, Truman… roamed.  The boys had a great attitude, and both were feeling quite chatty.  It was really nice to get some quality one on one time as we worked.  Pretty fun to hear what was going on in their heads!

The best part of the weekend though had to be our trip to the Pumpkin Patch.  We had the intention of getting pumpkins at Negengard. We’ve been there BEFORE, but apparently we should have gone there weeks ago. They were totally cleared out!  Must be the awesome prices.  Dang it!  The saddest thing was that Truman could see the 10 pumpkins still there, and his little heart was broken when we turned right around without even getting out of the car.  “Ahh Kays?!?  Ah Kays?!?” (Pumpkins?!?  Pumpkins?!?).  We all tried to comfort him but he was still pretty sad about it.  Poor baby!

He didn’t even join in with his brothers as they rocked out to Guns N’ Roses:

(A little extra time in the car ended up being a good thing.  Those pics are pretty good, huh?!?)

Not to worry little Truman!  We have a back up plan!  Despite the fact we knew it would be terribly overpriced… Corey and I also knew that we had promised a pumpkin patch experience today… so a pumpkin patch experience they would have! Thank you Curtis Orchard!

The boys were so excited to be there!  Truman just ran and ran with a big smile on his face, occasionally stopping to touch or lay on a pumpkin.  Jack and Aly were also totally cute about the whole experience:patch3

Some of their choices:


It was such a fun outing.  Corey and I have decided we really, really like our kids!  And each other:


I wasn’t going to post this pic because we ended up getting a whole family shot, but I couldn’t help myself when I saw the look on Truman’s face in this one.  Ha!


Also… you can’t really see it, but we are under a big pumpkin.  I didn’t take any pics of the cute orchard.  My battery was dying.

Here’s the whole fam.  And HEY!  Check out my baby bump!  27 weeks people!


Headed home with our haul:


Oh-so-happy with his Ah-kay!


He may or may not be sleeping with it in his bed tonight 🙂  Sweet boy!

In the afternoon we had some serious piano practice and some other little things to do around the house. Then at 5:00pm precisely we dropped the boys with the Freestones and Corey and I headed out for a date.  Perfect end to a pretty perfect day.

Happy Fall Everyone!  Now that we have our pumpkins I feel like it has officially begun!


3 thoughts on “At The Patch

  1. We were at the same place that very morning! We also had the PERFECT day. Oh family-filled Saturdays, how I love them. I’m tempted to go back again next week it was soooo much fun!
    Too bad the other place was cleared out! We have yet to score it big at Negendard! Maybe next year…

  2. Bummer about Negengard! We went last weekend and scored big–it was the first time I had ever been there and I was pretty enthusiastic about those low prices. I’m sorry they ran out. I guess I’ll have to keep that in mind next year. Glad you had fun at Curtis Orchard, though!

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