First Encounters: Froggies and Finger Paints

Jack and his buddies caught 2 frogs at the creek. The Bad News: Jack wasn’t actually supposed to be at the creek with his friends, so naturally Mr. Froggy could not stay… being caught under such unfavorable circumstances and such… The Good News:  I did not want Jack taking an extra trip back to the off-limits creek to return Mr. Froggy, so Truman got to meet his very first in-real-life froggy!  (Corey took the frog back to the creek that night during chore-time.)

Truman was absolutely fascinated!  He came right over. “A Bock! Bock! Wah Wit! Wah Wit!”  (A frog!  Frog!  Ribbet!  Ribbet!)  He was so happy!

He watched and watched…


Until that frog jumped.  The movement startled the poor child terribly!  He ran into the living room and started bawling!  It was so sad!  And so funny!  And so cute!  We took Mr. Froggy to the little backyard after that because Truman refused to come back in the kitchen.  Poor baby!

That was last week.  This week Truman got to experience finger paints for the first time!  He was super reluctant to touch them, and didn’t so much like how it felt.  After he touched the paints to the paper, he rubbed his hands together as if it were lotion, all with a look on his face that let me know he found the feeling pretty unpleasant.


Apparently it wasn’t bad enough to make him stop though.  I originally put three colors on the plate, but he asked for more and kept at it for quite some time.  I think he’ll like it more and more as we keep doing it.  He does so love to color after all!


Cute boy.

Here’s the finished masterpiece:


Later in the afternoon we made a stop by Dad’s office and Truman got to give it to him.  It was very sweet!

I love my Truman Matthew boy.  Have I told you that lately? Spending my mornings in his darling company is so, so fun! What a lucky mommy I am!

Updates/Stories on Truman and those two other stinky-cute boys coming soon!  It’s been too long since I’ve given you a proper update, don’t you think?


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