Pancakes, Prophets, and Pirates

Did you have a lovely conference weekend?  We had a lovely conference weekend!

The FHE before conference we set goals and made some fun plans.  For instance, the boys got to choose breakfast.  Their choice? Blueberry Pancakes with Whipped Cream!  (I once let Jack shoot whipped cream into his mouth and fill it up… he’s never gotten over it.  Now he requests whipped cream at every opportunity!)  Also… you love Truman’s smile?  That’s his “cute face.”  He can do it on command.

The Goals our boys set for conference this year were thus:

-Listen to everything the Prophet says.  When he talks, sit, watch and listen to the whole thing.

-Stay in the room the whole time with Mom and Dad.  Play quietly so whoever wants to be listening can.

-When someone starts telling a story: Listen!  Corey and I were in charge of letting them know when a story started.


Rewards:  (You knew there would be some, right?)  If you are reverent through an entire talk you get a piece or two of candy.  Everyone got a say in what I would buy, so there was a heck ton of candy at our house!  Rats!  Don’t worry… we didn’t even come close to eating it all.  We still have a bunch left actually!



Yummm!  Truman with his “wheet.” (treat) Truman was a major fan of the candy.  The kid has an incredible sweet tooth, I tell you what!  Not a day passes that he doesn’t ask me for “wheets,” or “Ookies,” (Cookies)


Truman played cars for the full 4 hours of conference on Saturday.  He drove them all over the living room and kitchen, played with his garage, and lined them ever so nicely on the windowsill.  Much of the time he was joined by Alaster.  Please notice the hug Aly is giving Truman in the bottom left pic.  Aly steals little hugs from Truman here and there whenever possible!


I was shocked at how much of the Conference these older boys actually listened to… way more than to just the stories, that’s for sure.  Jack did a few quiet activities, but honestly spent most of the conference listening.  It was wonderful!  What a great part of growing up!


A little before the end of the first session we got a knock on our door and a scurvy pirate joined our crew:


He was delightful to have around!  Best behaved pirate you’ve ever met!

He listened politely to the rest of conference with us, then entertained Jack and Alaster through the whole break between sessions.  I’m not sure when we sent him home.  Sometime after they were all done making arrowheads (salt dough… gotta love it!):


By the second session Jack was pretty tired.  Tired Jack = Snuggly Jack.  Some of us willingly accepted his affection, others were forced into it:


Corey attended the Priesthood session with his Dad, and the boys and I headed over to my friend Monica’s house for a get together with the women and kids.  While Daddy’s away the Mommies and Kiddies will play!

Sunday we spent the day with Gram, Grampa and Tyler where we ate delicious food, played and enjoyed the sessions together.  Gram had set up her traditional conference games, which the boys loved.  It was wonderful as always!

So what were your favorite talks?  I loved Elder Holland (Of course! You can kind of hear the members of the church giving a collective cheer when it’s his turn to talk, can’t you?!?)  I thought his message was so NEEDED and I absolutely loved how he handled it. My other favorite messages came from the First Presidency.  HERE, HERE and HERE.  Also, I very much appreciated all thoughts concerning Women and the Priesthood.  I have spent a good portion of this year studying, teaching, and talking about this subject.  It was neat to hear some of my thoughts reinforced in the Conference.

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