“Bonjour! Bienvenue!” we said, kissing the cheeks of our good friends Jeff and Emily as they entered our home.

Okay I don’t think Corey did any cheek kissing actually. (The rest of us did!)  But he DID download some sweet french cafe tunes to add to the ambiance of our little evening.

I’ve been wanting to get my French on for quite a while now, and we knew it would be more fun with company. We asked ourselves… who is nerdy and fun enough to get into this with us?  Thank you Jeff and Emily!  You were the right people to ask!  I mean… check out that snooty french smirk on Jeff’s face:


I borrowed the beret and also some frenchy pictures from friends. We donned our french inspired outfits, listened to the cafe music, and ate frenchy food.

For the plat principal I made Croque Monsieur, a popular french cafe sandwich.  The literal translation is “Crunchy Mister.”  Cute, huh?  It was pretty danged delicious, but I would make a few adjustments next time… skip the dijon… load more of the cheese sauce on top.  Have you ever eaten a recipe that used Gruyere cheese?  If not, please put that on your “before I die,” list of things to do.  Trust me.  Gruyere cheese is an experience not to be missed.

For the plat d’accompagnement we ate Salade Mesclun, with pears, blue cheese and walnuts topped by a homemade pear vinaigrette dressing.  Heaven! (The picture does not do it justice.)  Also I cut up some watermelon.  They probably have watermelon in France, right?!?


We had hoped to enjoy a french film after dinner but alas… there wasn’t time.  Instead we played a french-history-inspired card game: Guillotine!  I never got around to making the dessert I had planned (Thanks to Truman who broke into the fridge, pulled out the glass bottle of Worcestershire sauce and broke it on the kitchen floor earlier that afternoon…) but Jeff and Em popped over to their house and grabbed some ice cream so we were good!


It was a delightful evening all around.  Thank you so much Jeff and Em for your conversation and company!  We love you!

I didn’t take quite as many pictures of this next double date (I wasn’t the host, so I felt bad even taking the ones I did!  Thank you Freestones!  You’re such good sports!) but it was equally as delightful.  Rachel went all out making us three traditional German recipes: Schnitzle, Spaetzle, and Rotkohl.  Apparently Todd’s family spent some time living in Germany so they love the food… and for good reason!  Everything was delicious! The schnitzle was so good I couldn’t even wait one week before I asked her the recipe and made it again!

We brought a salad, and in keeping with the German theme made Apfelstrudle for dessert.  It was a really fun, easy recipe to make!


After dinner we played Ticket To Ride.  Another wonderful night spent with good, good friends we love!  Thank you so much Rachel and Todd!  Our turn to host next!

And since we are talking about date night I thought I’d include these cute pictures.  Rachel snapped these one of the times they hosted recently.  The only little one missing is Mabel.  Look at all those darling boys!  Date Night:  Essential for parents and fun for the kiddos too!


We have another double date in the works (Marie and Tyler… we need to tack down a date for our Hamlet evening!) and would love to plan more with any other interested parties.  Shoot us an email. The Burton’s are always up for food and fun with friends!


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