We love school!

One of the number one things my family has asked me about since I stopped blogging has been “How are the boys doing in school?!?”  Today’s post seeks to answer that question and give you a little glimpse into the school personalities of Jack and Alaster.

School got off to a great start.  Daddy gave both boys beautiful priesthood blessings the first day of school that reassured me they were going to have a great year in all respects and that they would be able to bless the lives of their teachers and fellow students.  We are so blessed to have such healthy, bright, capable, sweet boys!

Here they were on Pajama Day with PJ’s daddy went out and bought them special for the occasion (he didn’t think their ratty-wear-every-night-too-small-practically-underwear-pj’s would do… for some reason…):
PJ Day1

Jack’s teacher this year is wonderful.  She’s a first year teacher.  This had me a little worried to begin with, but it turns out she is everything that you would hope a first year teacher would be… young (ie. cool in the kids eyes), enthusiastic, full of new ideas, fun and engaging… without any of the potential problems you’d expect from a first year. She’s fully capable of controlling the classroom and progressing them academically.  Bonus: She seems to pull it off with sheer energy and love!

Never before has Jack been so excited about a teacher or what they are learning.  They have already been on two hands-on related science field trips.  And he’s coming home saying things like “Ms. G gets lost in books… just like me. We both love Harry Potter,” and “Ms. G taught us about __________ today it was SO COOL!  Did you know ________?”

Another thing I love about her: She get’s BOYS!  Hallelujah!  She’s not bothered by their energy, and she has a way of dealing with issues that I very much appreciate.  Exhibit A:

PJ Day3

Now, I know it’s a small thing, but it seems typical of her way of thinking.  Jack shouldn’t be making lines like that on the clocks (yes, they are far beyond clock reading… this was a beginning-of-school-see-where-you-are-at-testing-thing…).  I love that she acknowledged that he was just being silly, not BAD (maybe even implying that she thought it was funny/silly too) but still corrected him, and let him know WHY it would be important not to do that again.  I asked Jack about this and instead of feeling bad about himself or angry with her he was able to laugh about it and in the same sentence tell me he wouldn’t do it again.  Nice, huh?!?

Speaking of Jack and silly lines and such… it seems to be difficult for him to control the impulse to make things more creative as he works.  Every single time he writes his name it is fancied up in some way.  And those gater/monster mouths are greater than/less than signs.  He does little things like that all. the. time.  PS: Isn’t his cursive cute?

PJ Day2

Alaster also has a wonderful teacher, albeit wonderful in a different way than Jack’s.  Aly doesn’t love her in quite the same way that he loved his kindergarten teacher, but she is quite experienced, and runs the classroom in a way that is conducive to learning for Alaster.  Last year some of the rougher kids behavior stressed his sweet little heart, but this teacher has things all under control in a way I don’t think the K teacher was ever able to do.  So… even though he’s not super in love with her, she is providing him with the environment he needs, and he is thriving in it.

He is particularly loving the science unit they are doing about LIGHT.  He can tell you what transparent, translucent and opaque each mean in addition to showing you cool hand shapes that make pretty spectacular shadows on the wall!  His dog? Is excellent.

One thing Alaster struggles with is writing things backwards.  The weird thing is it could almost be considered a talent!  Could you write a word backwards with each individual letter flipped around too?  It’s like looking at a word in a mirror!  He doesn’t do full words like that consistently, but every once and a while they pop up.  One consistent mistake he does make though is backwards 2’s, 5’s and S’s.  He and I laugh about it every night as we do homework. I think it’s pretty cute actually!

Another thing I love about Alaster is that much of the work that gets sent home to us reflects a deep love of his family.  Check out these cute pictures and the stories he wrote with them:

PJ Day4

PJ Day5

I am in my big backyard with my mom.  It has pretend spiderwebs and pretend spongebob.

PJ Day6

PJ Day7

I ate smores with my family.  They were so yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (That one comes from a book where he wrote lots of little details about THIS day)

These were just 2 examples, but so far everything where the subject of what they could write or draw about was left open he chose to write something about home or family.  I love that he thinks about us a little when he is at school!

And since we are showing off Jack and Alaster’s work I thought you’d like to see a few of Truman’s creations.  For the longest time all he would do with crayons and paper was this:

PJ Day8

He’d say the color he was doing and make those big determined lines down to the corner.  Wed=Red, Boo=Blue, Ween=Green, PoPo=Purple, Eenk=Pink, Wewo=Yellow, Why=White, Own=Brown, Ack=Black, Oh=Orange… am I forgetting any of them?

Yep!  His speech is coming along nicely too!  We’ll have to do a full update post on that soon!

Homework time:

PJ Day9

Corey and I both feel incredibly blessed to have Jack and Alaster in such a wonderful school.  I didn’t even tell you about how awesome the art, music and PE programs are!  And of course, we are proud of the boys for choosing the right at school and for working so hard.

Keep it up boys!  It’s going to be a great year!


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