Jack’s Dragon Period

Between 1901 and 1904 Picasso went through a Blue Period.  It’s a bit harder to tack down the dates of when Jack went through his Dragon Period.  I keep this small sketch he did one afternoon on the back of an envelope on our magnet board to remind me of this phase and because it’s JACK-ness makes me smile. Wouldn’t it be cool if a dragon really did peek out of our piano one day…?

Up close shots:




Jack checked out a book from the library that taught the basics of drawing a dragon.  He learned a basic technique and then got creative! He made many of his own styles and types of dragons.  Be not deceived… if there is a dragon missing arms or that has extra appendages it wasn’t a mistake.  He wanted them that way.  My fave in this collage is the bottom middle.  There was some story he made about it going on a quest and finding that jewel…




When I was raiding some notebooks to find these sketches I found some pages where he just worked on perfecting one aspect of a dragon… wings… faces… claws…  Please notice the top left pic.  I have named that one “Dragon’s Soliloquy.”  It’s one of my faves!


I also really love the pics he drew of dragon’s fighting each other.  Although I think in one of these (bottom right) it’s actually dragon vs dinosaur.


But not all pics of dragons together were battles.  Check out this one of a parent dragon reading to their child:


So sweet!

In other news:  Hi!  I’m back!  Did you miss me?  I have missed being online, but the whole month of September was crazy for me, particularly things with my calling.  I have been touring the wards and branches of our Stake addressing the subject of Women and the Priesthood (fun!).  There was also Stake Auxiliary Training, a special Psychological Disorders Training (that I didn’t teach but that I did coordinate) and a new Relief Society Presidency in Tuscola to orient.  The MOST work-filled event of all came this past Saturday.  Our Stake has a long standing tradition of holding a dinner for the Sisters prior to the General Relief Society Broadcast.  It was wonderful.  Really, really wonderful!  So fun, so uplifting!  But it was also a heck ton of work!  (Are Stake Relief Society Presidents allowed to say “heck ton?”)  Anyway, I enjoyed the work, but I am relieved that it is done too.

And of course in the midst of calling business there were also dishes to do and children to care for and a baby to grow in my tummy, etc. etc. etc. 🙂

Things have slowed down significantly now though and I hope to be back to the blog and back to normal life.  I still owe Aly and Truman letters about their special baby-ness… and a whole month has gone by without me blogging so there is lots to report!

And PS:  If you wrote me an email during the month of September that I didn’t respond to… just know you were probably not the only person that happened to, and I will get to those soon too!

Thanks for being patient with me!  See you soon!

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