Frishem Frashem Dang it all!

So I thought I was all caught up with summer pictures/posts. I even made a point of telling you how proud I was of myself for accomplishing this feat!  Well… I am embarrassed to have to retract that statement but it seems I must.  I discovered a whole bunch of summer things yet to be posted.

Frick. (That’s my naughtiest of naughty words that I use.  I never use it when other people are around which means I know that I am ashamed of it, which means I really should stop.  Do you have a secret naughty word too?)

Well I best get to it I suppose. Here’s some watermelon pictures for your viewing pleasure this evening. Truman can devour a piece of watermelon like you wouldn’t believe.  He would get well into the gross green area when we let him.  But look what cute faces it made for:

My favorite:


Hahahaha!  Don’t you wanna kiss those darling, chubby, sticky cheeks?  I do!


Happy Tuesday Evening All!  More summer posts to come… apparently!

One thought on “DaaaaagNabit.

  1. This gave me such a good laugh this morning!!! I really can’t imagine you saying “frick.” 🙂 And that adorable picture of Aly makes me want to squish him and take him home with me!

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