Summer Wrap Up!

Does anyone else have oodles of random pictures that never made it into posts this summer?  I do. Some have stories that could have been a post.  Others were just random pictures from random days when I felt like bringing a camera along with wherever we were going.  Anyway, I need to do something with them, so here we are!  Doing this ought to wrap up summer 2013!  Woot, woot!  I’m finally getting into a good rhythm of blogging consistently and not getting behind!  Anyway…

Commencing Random Picture Drop in 3…2…1… GO!!!

In this collage you MUST check out the bottom right pic of Jack and his trick… hahahahaha! That picture kills me!

See J and A on the swings in this one?  They still can’t pump.  Whaaaa???  And you should have heard the screams coming from Alaster’s mouth when they tried the teeter totter!  Am I a mean mom for getting some pleasure out of his fear?  It was just. so. funny!


Jack’s favorite activity this summer had to be fishing, exploring and playing at the “creek,” and “fishing spot,” with his friends  Gram equipped him with a net, which was great.  He also fashioned his own fishing poles, stole tupperware from me, and used his hands.  One day he walked through the door with hands behind his back.  He didn’t even say hello… just:

Jack: “Okay.  It’s not a crawdad this time.”
Me: “Is it alive?”
Jack: “Welllll…. yes.”
Me:  “Alright, bring it, here.  Let’s have a look.”

Turns out it was two little snails.  Pretty cute!  I was an odd mixture of horrified and pleased at the filthiness of his hands and face though. It was really, really gross, but shouldn’t little boys his age have filthy hands like that in the summer?  Doesn’t that say something good too?  I feel like these pictures don’t really do them justice.  They were incredibly filthy.  Like, “Take care of those snails, then wash your hands twice in hot soapy water and then use the sanitzer on them too!” kind of gross.


Truman was happiest this summer at the park.  He loves to “wide,” (slide), and “wing!” (swing) and playing with water fountains:




Alaster almost always protested when I said we were going to the park, but he always ended up having fun… it helped when people wanted to play pretend type games with him!







Reading was Jack’s favorite thing to relax with in the afternoons.  He was especially excited to finally start the Harry Potter series. (Probably could have handled them sooner, but he never thought to for some reason.) He keeps trying to get details out of me concerning subsequent books.  Not happening.  He is also pretty mad that we won’t let him watch movies 3-8 because we don’t want him to ruin the rest of the books for himself.  He’s gotten information out of older friends (like he knows the half blood prince’s true identity! grrr!) and it makes me sad for him.  He is reading #2 now and loving it.  It’s fun to have something we both love in common.  He comes and tells me parts he just read and we discuss.  Super fun.


I didn’t take hardly any summer camp pictures but I do have this one.  It’s one of Alaster’s projects from engineering camp:


One camp story about Alaster that must be recorded:  At the end of Kung Fu camp one day the teacher was having them do a one on one exercise with him. It got to Alaster’s turn, he  stood up and started giggling immediately… that silly, cute, genuine giggle that makes everyone else around him laugh too. The teacher had him put his fists up in preparation for the exercise, and the giggling continued.  Before they started the teacher kind of stopped, took a look at giggling, happy, smiley Aly with his dukes up, and he couldn’t help but stop and smile too. He shook his head and said “Now there’s the intimidating Alaster we love!”  It was cute and funny and so, so Alaster!

Friends with gardens were generous with us this year… especially the Savages who routinely gave us tomatoes and let us take care of their garden for a week while they were in UT. (Meaning we got to keep everything that was ready to be picked!  Yay!)

I will have a garden next year and I will plant millions and millions and millions of tomato plants, and I will eat nothing but tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes all the live long day!  And I will have so many that I will share with anyone who wants them!  Garden Fresh Tomatoes… Ahhhhhhhh….


These particular cherry tomatoes (combo of the Savages and the Millets) ended up in a pasta salad that the boys took for lunch all last week.  Did you know those stinky boys refuse to eat sandwiches?  We struck a compromise that I will make sandwiches just once a week for them.  If they eat it, then I will make something else for the rest of the week.  Whatever.  It’s probably healthier for them anyway… They end up eating more fresh fruits and veggies on those days.


So that’s it!  Summer is over!

Bring on cooler weather, winter squashes, crispy leaves and harvest happiness!

Fall, I am ready for you!

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