The Best Morning

Last Saturday, for our final hoorah before school, we took the boys to lovely Lake of the Woods for a morning of fishing, fresh peaches, blow torch smores and fun!  It was seriously the best morning.  The weather was perfect, the kids were adorable, and it was so lovely to be by the water and trees.  If you look in the top right of this collage you’ll see just how large some of the trees are.  That little red and blue dot at the base of the tree is Truman!  We also saw lots of beautiful birds.  Cranes… Blue Jays… Ducks… Geese… some pretty white one we couldn’t identify…

The older boys and Daddy got fishing straight away.  Truman was more anxious to explore than stand at the waters edge, so he and I set off.  Somewhere along the way we met a wedding party and the host generously gifted Truman a “Eeeen!” (green) Ooooon!” (balloon)  He was so happy to have it, and so sad when I told him I couldn’t retrieve it from the water and that I wouldn’t let him do it either! (He threw it in. I suppose was inevitable… he tried to throw lots of things into the lake!)


Daddy giving Aly some instructions and letting him go… Jack was confident (sometimes overly so :)) in his abilities and he got started right away:


On the dock:


Hey.  Are you aware of how people actually use worms to fish???  At one point the boys had to reload (is that what you say?) the hook and I learned all about it.  I didn’t know you CUT THE WORMS and skewer them on the line like that!  Ewwwww!  Sad!  In the cartoons it’s just a nice happy worm sitting on the top of a hook!  What a nice lie.




Aly was being particularly happy that morning:


For snacks we took along peaches from Gram.  She had picked them up in Amish land that week and generously shared with us. They were huge, perfectly ripe, sweet and juicy as all peaches ought to be.  She brought us 12!  I had hoped to make some kind of fun recipe with them, but you know what?  We couldn’t resist just eating them as is!  Who needs a fancy recipe for goodness like this???  And no.  I didn’t enhance their color in these shots.  They just looked like that.  True story.


And I thought Smores would make a great end-of-summer treat.  The problem was that I knew we couldn’t build a fire.  Hmmmm.  Daddy had the answer: We could use his blow torch! Problem solved.


Yes.  The boys loved it.




And I just had to show you this next picture.  Truman wouldn’t eat smores, but he did enjoy the graham crackers.  This is him saying “eeeess!” (cheese) for the camera:



After treats we went back to fishing and playing.  Truman and I tossed around a football and frisbee for a long time.  Aly came to play sometimes too.  Isn’t Truman sweet?:


Stories in this next collage:  Apparently there was a fish that they were so close to catching on this shore.  He was little and kept nibbling the worm, but they think his mouth was too small to close over the whole hook.  Rats!  They tried just luring him on the shore and getting them with their hands.  They did get super close a few times, but it never worked.  In this collage, Jack is showing me how big he was.  Truman is saying “shhhhh!”  He knows you have to be quiet so as to not scare the fish away!



So we had to leave eventually.  I was so sad to go!  What a perfectly lovely morning!  It was relaxed and breezy and so fun to be there enjoying it together.




Happy End of Summer Boys!

And because I know you are wondering:  School is off to a great start.  The boys came home from their first day telling me how “AWESOME!” it was.  I am quite pleased with both of their teachers and expect it to be another great year.


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