1st and 3rd

Good Morning All!  I am pleased to introduce you to our school’s cutest new First and Third Graders!


Who was more than happy to take these pictures and requested a shot in this new sweatshirt from Gram even though it is quite warm today:


And Jack:


Who bless his heart can’t make a normal smile in posed pictures to save his life!

It helped a little to have Alaster by his side for brother shots:


What a cute pair!



And I have NO idea why the lighting was so dramatically different when the littlest boy joined in for a shot…


So here’s the deal: The boys have consistently said they weren’t excited to go back.  “Summer was too short!”  “I want to stay here with you!”  “School is stupid!”  But last night they couldn’t hide the truth that they are actually quite thrilled! 

Jack was so cute getting ready for bed.  Corey and I overheard him when he was all alone saying to himself “I am just SO excited!”  and later he whispered to me “I can’t stop looking at my new clothes for tomorrow!” (we made a big deal of picking and laying them out for the next day). The poor kid came out of bed at least 3 times asking for hugs and telling me he was so excited he couldn’t sleep.  I think he finally dozed off at about 9:30 (he was in bed at 7:30) after I finally consented to let him read to try and calm down.  (He finished the first Harry Potter book last night!  Woot, woot!  He loved it!  And what a fun way to end the summer!)

Aly was so excited that he actually went straight to sleep at bedtime without goofing off, meaning he actually cared when I said he’d want energy for the first day of school.  That may not sound like a big deal, but he really, really values that special time with Jack, so giving it up for sleep does mean something!  And he was just as happy and cute as could be getting ready this morning and posing for his pictures.

Jack was a little bummed this morning that I didn’t make a special first day of school breakfast and that I held fast to morning chores, but I hope he’ll enjoy his surprise tic tac’s, squeezy fruit, and love note I packed in their lunches:


(“Tic Tacs and squeezy fruit?”  I can hear you ask… Yep! My boys are easy to please!  They will love those little things!  The rest of the lunch was tuna and crackers and grapes if you are interested :))

We didn’t cry when we dropped them off.  The last week of summer was really, really wonderful.  We had like the best saturday ever this weekend (post to come), and I really am excited for them to be back.  I know how much they will love it and how good it is for them.  Plus, I may have a feeeeeew too many things that I put on my “when they boys go back to school…”  list that need tackling!


Happy First Day of School Boys!  It’s going to be a great year!  I can feel it in my bones!

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