At The Orchard

This morning Truman and I had the funnest time at our charming local apple orchard.  We arrived at opening and stayed for a few hours.  The weather was perfect (high of 75 today, woot woot!) and we beat the crowds that usually swarm the place.  To top it off we were with good friends, so what else do you need?  It would have been nice to have Jack and Aly with us too, but they were off having their own fun at Engineering Camp.

The first thing we did was visit and feed the goats.  Truman was totally scared at first, but warmed up to them pretty quickly.  Notice the top right pic: Goats walking above us on their bridge.  It’s little details like this that make the place special.

Then we just let the kiddos play!  The place has a Wizard of Oz theme (complete with yellow brick road and everything) and we spent the majority of our time playing in “Munchkin Land.”


But of course, Truman did find some letters to enthusiastically identify:


And numbers too:


What cute kiddos!


One of my favorite moments of the day was when Truman and Eva played in this house together.  They were taking turns closing the windows then bursting them open to surprise each other.  Truman loved it!  I love to see him play with kiddos other than his brothers like this.  It’s a pretty rare thing!


Along for this trip were the Savages: Emily, Eva and Genna; the Freestones: Rachel, Henry, Theo and Mabel; and the Harts: Dani and Vicky; and us too of course 🙂  Aren’t my friends pretty?  I pretty much think all of my girlfriends… the ones that joined in on this trip and otherwise… are totally gorgeous people!


We were all in Munchkin land at one point when Truman broke away and went back to the “Dose!” (pronounce a low DohSsss to imagine him saying it)  I watched him go, thinking he would get scared, turn around and come back, but he ran over to them, stopped and I heard a low, loud “Hi.”  When I went to join him he just kept saying “Dose!  Dose!  Dose!”  He wouldn’t touch them (even though they are so terribly used to humans and obviously enjoy the attention), but he was sure cute watching them!


And we couldn’t leave without getting Daddy some of his favorite apple donuts.  We walked to the store (notice the kitties just walking around too?  I love this place!):


Emily and I were checking out the different descriptions of the apples they offer, when guess who decided to reach into one of the bags and help himself?  I looked down to find Truman had an apple in each hand and he was happily munching away! Thankfully he had only taken a bite out of one of them!  I found a lady and she replaced the apple that was in the bag (they have the bags pre-priced per pound, so it needed to be replaced by another) and we went with her to weigh and purchase Truman’s apple.  40 cents well spent, I’d say!  What a cute little stink!

Well… how was he supposed to resist really?  Apples are his favorite and these were grown-on-the-premises-crisp-beautiful apples!


Finally we said our goodbyes to the group and rushed home for speech with Angie.  We hope to visit again soon though, it was a delightful morning!




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