The New Plan – For Alysa :)

Okay, so remember how I presented a lovely picture to you earlier about how chores were running in our house this summer?  It did work really nicely for a while, but then it just kind of stopped:

(Haha.  Jack actually liked that chore, he just didn’t like the fact that I wanted to take his picture doing it!)

Anyhow, I learned a few things about my children, and we have come up with a new and better system.  We’ve been doing it for a few weeks now, and we feel like it’s a keeper.  Without going into the details of why the old system wasn’t working, and why I like this one better, I thought I’d just show you the new chore chart.  Alysa, this ones for you!  Happy Cleaning!


Every morning Jack and Aly have a set of chores that they do.  The goal is to get them done before breakfast.  The list for both boys has: Pray (not a chore, but if it’s there perhaps they will get in the habit of personal morning prayer???), Make Your Bed, and Get Dressed.  Alaster is also expected to sort the dirty laundry into piles and take the biggest one (or one that I tell him to) downstairs for me to get in the washer.  Jack unloads the clean dishwasher.

No more chores till afternoon time!  In the afternoon we do a deep cleaning project each day:

Mon:  Kitchen (sweep and mop, clean out microwave, fridge, and stove, dishes, countertops etc.)
Tues: Bathrooms (a nice deep clean)
Wed: Grocery Shopping (we do it in the morning and it wears me out, so no afternoon chore!)
Thurs: Dust and Windows (whole house)
Fri: Special Organizing or Deep Clean Project (think the stuff that doesn’t need to be done weekly… cieling fans, baseboards, the car, a cluttered closet… whatever!)
Sat: Another Special Project (if we have time, Sat’s are usually packed!)
Sun: Day Off!

Then another break until after dinner.  After dinner there are 2 lists.  The boys switch off each night which one they do.

List One:

Pick up Living Room, and anything in the Kitchen that needs to be put away (toys and shoes that have wandered in there)
Take the Trash to the Dumpster
Put Clean Laundry Away (for himself and his brother)
Take the 2nd Shower

List Two:

Pick up Jack and Aly’s Bedroom and Upstairs Hallway
Tidy the Bathrooms (includes taking the trash out and replacing the bag)
Take the 1st Shower
Switch Names on the Chart (so we know who does what chore the next day)

While the boys are doing these things Corey and I are doing the dinner dishes/wiping counters/sweeping the floor/taking care of Truman’s bath etc.  When we are done we help the boys finish up their jobs (if they have been working diligently on their own that is!) and vacuum after everything is all nice and picked up.

So far it really has been a much better way of doing things!  Structure is good for kids, and I really like going to bed in a totally clean house and waking up in one too.  I also love having the boys do a few small things in the morning.  It makes a big difference to the start of the day!

Also posted on the chart (we went over this in FHE when we introduced the chart and have since referred back to it) are the:

Chore Rules:  Have a Happy Attitude, Stay on Task, Work Efficiently and Quickly.

Assigned Consequences for Breaking the Rules: Additional Chores, Loss of Privileges (screens, friends etc.)

Natural Consequences:  Unhappy Family/Contention, Less Time to Play, Loss of Trust from Mom and Dad, Mom and Dad less likely to want to do fun, special things

and a list of ideas of how to:

Make Cleaning Fun: Race yourself or a family member! Sing a Song/Whistle while you work! Have Mom and Dad put on music! Take a Before and After Pic in your mind or on your leap pad to see how much you accomplished! Think of what you will do when you are done cleaning to motivate you to work faster!  Think of how happy Heavenly Father is that you are serving your family!  Think of how happy and proud Mom and Dad are of you and your hard work!  Think of how nice it is to live in a clean and tidy house, and how the spirit likes clean places!

So that’s that!  It’s been going so well we plan to keep it during the school year.  I’ll do the afternoon chores myself, obviously, and we’ll need to sneak homework/piano practice in there somewhere… but it’ll be good.

5 points if you read this whole post.  I am betting Alysa will be the only one who does!

3 thoughts on “The New Plan – For Alysa :)

  1. Thank you for this post!!! Seriously. I have read it twice now, and even taken notes. Yes, physical notes. I love you! And I admire all you do to help your boys become contributors to a happy and clean home. Aww, this post just warms my heart! And I love how you’ve got the rules, consequences and ways to make it fun on there, too. ❤ This exact thing won't work for us yet (not enough pictures for Levi) but I'm getting some good principles from this. Thank you dear!

  2. 5 points for me, too! It’s good to know your secrets to a clean house and a happy family! I didn’t take physical notes like Alysa, but I am mentally saving this for future reference. You’re simply amazing, Ashlee.

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