Camper Victorious!

Jack attended his first ever Cub Scout Day Camp at the very beginning of the summer!  Woot woot!  He had the best time!

I still haven’t told you the story of his first ever Pinewood Derby… It was a pretty rough experience for our sweet boy (although he learned from it!) and I just can’t bring myself to sort through the pictures and get them up.  Sometimes I look at the pics but even though it was months ago it still breaks my heart so you’ll have to wait for a while on that story apparently!

Thankfully this story is nothing but happy.  They had awesome activities for the kids and Jack came home exhausted and happy as a clam each day!  One day they had the kids make/paint wooden boats and then they raced them down a rain gutter track.  Guess whose boat was the fastest???

Jack is the WINNA!!!!

On Saturday Daddy got to escort him the whole day!  They went to a great spot near town, Lake of the Woods, and by all accounts it was a perfect day.  Jack especially enjoyed fishing:


That stinker boy caught 3 fish!


This achievement earned him the “Most Fish Caught,” award, and apparently one of them was a biggie, so he also earned the “Biggest Fish Caught,” award!

Prize?  Yes:


Corey said he opened it up right away, offered Corey one piece, then proceeded to down the entire thing.  Have you met my Jack Edward?  I was shocked by that story! Are you?!?

And here he is just hanging out with the boys.  My favorite shot is the bottom left.  The hat on backwards and his happy face… What a cute boy!


We’re so grateful for his leaders that made it such a wonderful experience!  Right now scouts is on hold for the summer. Jack can’t wait to get going with it again!

One thought on “Camper Victorious!

  1. I just love reading your blog, Ashlee. You are real and inspiring at the same time. It breaks my heart to hear that pregnancy hormones are taking a toll on you! If it makes you feel any better, I am also feeling “bummer summer” but not for the same reasons. I’m sad that I will be back in school so soon without having spent more ordinary/extraordinary days with my family. I think we will always feel guilty about something — if we aren’t spending quality time with our kids then we’ll feel bad about having a messy house, or not visiting teaching enough, or nor serving more, or (in my case) not publishing my research on schedule etc etc etc. But you know what, our families LOVE us and our friends don’t judge despite the weaknesses we see in ourselves!

    And good on you, Jack! What a great camper you are!

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