Date Night Hodge Podge

I don’t take pictures of all of our dates, but I do try to take some.  Corey usually protests but I just tell him “Listen, when the kids throw us a beautiful 50th anniversary wedding party they are going to need some pictures to put up.  Corey and Ashlee through the ages…. And Hey!  Don’t you want to remember this moment you are having with me???

Our most recent date took us out to dinner at Bucca di Beppo, thanks to a gift certificate from Ed and Cindy.  We were able to go twice to that place on their Christmas gift!  Thanks guys!


It was so nice to be out together.  Like really, really nice.  Parents need alone grown up time I have decided.  Look what we ate:


Super traditional, nothing fancy, but yummmmmmmmmm.

And you should know that the boys totally love date night too.  This time, when we picked them up from our Freestone Friends Truman was in the bucket bike with Theo and Mabel being treated to a ride by Rachel, just cute and happy as could be. The other boys were on their own bikes with Todd leading the way.  It was so cute!  I am so glad that I don’t have to worry one bit about them while we are gone!

Other random date pictures… The time we ate a dinner I packed at a park and played Frisbee:


(I had to include both of my shots.  I think I look cooler in the fuzzy one, but I knew Corey would like the other one better.  He makes fun of how I throw… All in good fun!)

And our first time at an IMAX 3-D movie. It was…”The ultimate movie experience!” for sure.  Frankly though, I am surprised we weren’t required to sign a waiver certifying we don’t have heart conditions.  I have never had sound pulse through my body like that!  It took some getting used to, but we totally loved it.  And we chose a good movie to see in a theater like that: Star Trek Into Darkness.  Aren’t we cute with our glasses?


I know.  My schnozz looks bigger than ever, huh?

It’s a little better in this one we took outside of the theater:


And to keep things real I had to show you this:


Yep.  A few times date night has been a trip to Walmart 🙂  (Although, we are really trying hard not to let that happen very often!)

Happy Monday All!


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