Bummer Summer :(

I’m upset.

Did you know that today is August 1st???

And did you know that school starts on AUGUST THE STINKING 19th this year?  Whose brilliant idea was that?!?  Do any other mothers feel cheated out of half a month of summer?  Raise your hands please!

Perhaps I wouldn’t feel so sad about it if I didn’t already feel that this was “the summer that wasn’t,” as I’ve been referring to it.  I dunno.  We have spent most of the summer playing and working and being together, but I still feel a sense of letdown about it.  I had envisioned weekly art and science projects, reading and math activities during Truman’s naps, at-home cooking classes, service projects, special outings beyond just parks and the pool, etc. etc. etc.  I so love to do those things.  We’ve done them before! Without them I don’t feel like this summer was anything special… anything the boys will remember with fondness once they have left our house.  It’s like life just happened to us… we didn’t take control of it and create something magical.  There was far too much just “hanging out,” for this gal to be happy.

I didn’t do much to teach them or encourage their intellectual growth (which is one of the most satisfying things I have found to do as a mother).  I didn’t help them tap into their creativity.

Wanna see something sad?  For the month of July we made an oh-so-small list of fun things we wanted to do together.  I thought it was a very achievable list.  See:

Guess what?  We only accomplished two things on the list!  I think that’s why I’m in such a sad mood about it this morning.  August 1st has come.  Time to make a new list, but we didn’t even finish the first one!  It’s still on my magnet board… mocking me, reminding me of my failures! (I know I’m getting a bit dramatic here, but it’s how I feel and you wouldn’t love me so much if I wasn’t occasionally like this, right? RIGHT Corey??? RIGHT???)

Alright.  Ready to turn this post and my attitude around now.  Would you like to see pictures of the stay-up-late night? (The other thing we accomplished along with Aly’s b-day party.)  It had already been a super fun day, with a pool trip to boot, but the official beginning (something the boys care about you see…) of our fun evening was a supreme pizza:


Next the boys gathered pretty much every blanket we own and threw it to the bottom of the stairs.  And when they are all just sitting there like that it would sure be a shame not to take a few flying leaps off of the stairs into their cushiony-goodness, don’t you think?  Aly:


And Jack:


Once put together the fort looked like this:


And their faces inside looked like this:


Awww.  That was a fun night!  They were determined to stay up till 10 watching movies and eating treats!  At about 9:40 Jack asked “Is it almost 10 o’clock yet?!?”  They were so beat!  I told them they still had 20 minutes to go and while they had this “okay… I can push through… I can do it!” attitude, I could tell they really just wanted nothing more than to go to bed.  I suggested that they spend those last 20 min getting ready for bed… going potty, brushing teeth, prayers etc.  They quickly agreed, rushed through all of the necessaries and were asleep about 4.5 minutes later, the second their sweet little tired heads hit their pillows.

Okay, so I can admit to a few positives for this summer:

#1  Laziness is not the reason for the bummer-summer.  I haven’t done these things because I have been creating a new body for a precious son or daughter of God to live in, and to be able to join our family.  It’s been hard work at times and has required the whole family to make sacrifices, but for me it has been a no-brainer-worth-it, and I hope the rest of the family would agree.  No, the boys didn’t get to do art projects, but they will get another sibling.  What’s more important?

#2  Other odd factors have been against us.  For instance, the weather this summer has been most unusual!  So much rain!  I was sad about the fact we didn’t go to the pool more too, and then I remembered that we have been hovering in the mid-seventies and eighties most days!  It’s been too cool for the pool!  So odd!

#3  While I would have liked to do more, I can say that I did my best to focus on the most important things and did a decent (certainly not perfect, but decent) job accomplishing them.  I have had consistent personal prayers and scripture study. We have had consistent daily family prayers, scripture studies, and weekly FHE, and have tried to keep the commandments in general at our house.  We have kept our once-a-month temple goal.  I feel really strongly about teaching the boys to work, and chores/teaching them household skills has happened.  I haven’t reached beyond myself to serve the way I normally try to, but I have made sure that the people who really matter most have gotten the best that I was able to give:  My family, the ladies on my visiting teaching route, and the other people/things related to my calling.

#4 I guess the summer isn’t totally over.  I still have 18 days left…  I guess. 🙂

Here’s hoping they go down in history as the best 18 days of summer ever!!!  But just to make me feel better… someone please, please comment and tell me that the district is crazy for starting so early.  I’m right on this aren’t I? I have to be! I swear school didn’t start for me till like… September 20th… or something 🙂


2 thoughts on “Bummer Summer :(

  1. Count yourself lucky girl…. April’s babies start on MONDAY AUGUST 5!!! That is right in just 4 days!!!! But but but and this is a big one…. They have 3 weeks off at Christmas and get out of school for the summer the weekend of Memorial Day…. And a week off for spring break…. So it isn’t the number of days of summer. It is the time you spend making good habits that count and it sounds like your consistently doing those. One of the reasons I liked going back mid August is it fit college schedules better. A whole semester in before Christmas break. My high schoolers were done with a semester and didn’t have to study during Christmas. They will remember forts and pizza and a mom that said yes.

  2. Ha! Oh Ash……you are far too hard on yourself my sweet friend. You are fabulous and more put together than any mom I know. I think your boys would probably give an entirely different version of their summer at home with you. To be completely honest, I feel like life happens to me far more often than the other way around. In regards to your pizza night…….I totally thought of that hilarious staying up late episode of the Angry Beavers!!! 🙂 That does seem like an early start to the school year….but the kids in our town have to go back LATE! That crazy storm we had caused so much damage the school buildings won’t be ready until after labor day. I’m sure the kids here feel like they lucked out! Here’s to living up those last 18 days!

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