When we last left the story of Alaster’s 6th birthday the Dinosaur Party had just concluded…

After all the kiddos took off it was time to open presents from Gram, Grampa, and Uncle Tyler and Mom and Dad.  From G and G he got lots of fun Monsters U toys, Operation and Battleship.  Tyler gave him a certain brand of trucks and guys that he likes.  And we gave him his party (yep, that counts as a present!), and 1,000 wii points to buy a game.  Corey designed a darling card to tell him so…

Hugs all around:


After G&G and Tyler left we spent the afternoon enjoying all of the fun games that he had received as gifts!  The Freestones gave him Gubs and Slamwich.  Gubs was an especially bit hit!


I needed to lay down a bit in the afternoon, but the games continued without me.  Corey recently got a new game for our family: Castle Panic.  He bought it specifically with the boys in mind, although we could play it with others.  What a fun Daddy!


And on Sunday the fun kept going… here’s the boys playing Battleship:


They also played more Gubs, Slamwich, and Operation.

Then on Wednesday we celebrated Alaster’s actual birthday, which included a lot, lot, lot of food.  I didn’t realize how much celebratory food was involved until I put the collages together.  Hmmmm… am I okay with that???

Basically all of the food of the day was Alaster’s choice.  For breakfast we had Dutch Babies, Pineapple, Blueberries and Raspberries.  We lit candles, sang happy b-day… the whole shebang:


Mr. Morgan sure loves games, and Wii is probably his favorite.  On his birthday, especially since he had just cashed in his wii points to buy old school Mario games (we now have Mario Brothers 1, 2, 3 and Zelda on our wii… they are super cheap and exactly like the originals!) I decided to let him play to his heart’s desire:


The fun did have to break up eventually for grocery shopping, but at least I got them some fun things along the way.  Pretzels at Sam’s:


(How badly do you want to steal my Truman Matthew right now?!?  Is that picture not the cutest?)

And his last present from Mom and Dad we picked up at Walmart.  He could have chosen anything within the budget… I thought he’d get a toy or book, but he wanted yet another game: Angry Birds Space!  That boy and his games!  I was totally fine with the purchase.  At least I knew he’d actually enjoy his pick (sometimes with kids that’s not always a guarantee!)

We played it first thing after putting Truman down for his nap that afternoon:


I was going to do various things during the rest of Truman’s nap, but I decided I’d much rather spend the time with my birthday boy.  Jack went out with Nathan to play, Alaster and I played game after game.  The funnest time we had was with this particular round of Gubs.  He KILLED me.  Like KILLED me!  Can you see the smug satisfaction on his face???  I totally love the “what do you think of that, mom?!?” look he’s shooting me in the top left corner.  The pic of him on the phone is him calling Daddy to tell him how badly he had just beat me!


When we got out operation some friends stopped by so they joined us.  And before long more friends dropped by and there were kiddos going in and out and all over the house.  It was wild and crazy times, but I didn’t take any more pictures because my friend Monica stopped by too.  We sat outside and talked while kids came and went all around us.  It was a really, really fun afternoon!


Alaster’s choice for dinner? Mexican Pita Pizza’s (way yummier than they look in that photo there…) a Large Green Salad with Cucumbers and Zima tomatoes, and Fresh Strawberries.  Yummmmmm.  And for dessert?  Cosmic Brownies from the store.  I’m an amazing pushover sometimes, I tell you what!


After a while Daddy came home.  And that’s when all the real fun started, right?


They wouldn’t sit still on the chair so that’s the best photo I got!

All in all I think Alaster had a good day! I sure hope so, because deserves it for sure!  We don’t know what we’d do without our Mr. Morgan.  More stories about him to come.

Nighty, night!


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