An Adventure in the Prairie

It all started off quite normally… Today being simply gorgeous (76 degrees, sunny and breezy!) we decided to head to the park.  We chose a really popular one in town, and found that it was much too busy for our liking.  Thankfully it is not only a park, it’s also part nature preserve and contains wonderful, wonderful walking trails.  The boys brought their scooters, and Truman is always up for a walk, so we thought we’d hit the art trail instead of the playground.

We scooted and walked, said hello to other happy trail friends (everyone is always so friendly and nice over there!), took in the art, and stopped on an occasional bench for water and trail mix.  We were having ourselves a grand old time!


The art trail converged with another path, the Wildflower Walk, so we shifted gears and enjoyed getting to know a different area of the park.  It was beautiful!


At the top of the Wildflower Walk was a pavilion and a fun stopping area with labeled flowers and a building or two.  My gram called on the phone so we took a little break while I chatted with her for about 20 min.  The boys killed a bug on my bag so I payed them each a quarter (you bet I’m willing to shell out for their bug removal services!) and they had fun in the pavilion spinning their quarters on the ground while Truman tagged along after them.

After my phone call the boys let me know they were ready to head back to the park.  Sounded good.  We thought we’d just take the wildflower/art trail back until I saw a little sign that said “Prairie Path.”  Huh.  I was pretty sure that would be just a straight little walk back to the park and that would be much faster than going all the way back through 2 trails.

This trail wasn’t paved so we had to pack around the scooters, but we didn’t mind.  The tall, tall, grasses, pretty flowers, abundant butterflies and refreshing breeze made it all worth it!

Except that we just kind of kept on going… and going… and going… uhhhh… this certainly wasn’t the shortcut I expected!


I couldn’t believe how long we had been walking, and STILL, as far as the eye could see we were surrounded by prairie!  No park in sight! The boys were sure we were lost.  I strongly suspected we were too, and considered calling Corey to see if there were maps online and he could somehow direct us out??? (Turns out there ARE)  But I seriously didn’t want to admit defeat so we just kept on a-goin’!

After a little while I said something to the boys about the pioneers.  Jack said “Yeah, but at least they had wagons!  AND a prophet to lead them!”  I reminded him that we had the Holy Ghost to guide us, and that we didn’t have to go all the way to UT.  We just needed to focus on the positive.  Right?  So I asked the boys (fully expecting the answer to be an adamant “no,”) if they wanted to sing?  Jack thought for a second and said (soooo happily and sweetly)  “Guess what?  I actually DO want to sing!  We should sing ‘Pioneer Children Sang as they Walked and Walked’ because that really relates to us right now.”  So we did!  And at the end of the song Jack declared “I kind of DO feel better!”

So we started to do a few more “look on the sunny side,” activities.  We did a lot of “Well at least…”ing. (Ex:  Well at least it’s not super hot outside!  Well at least Truman is still happy!).  We showed each other interesting bugs and flowers.  We ate the mulberries that peppered the walk. And I let the boys make the choices when the trail offered us some.  Alaster was always so SURE he knew where to go!


The boys held up remarkably well, and we were honestly having a good time on our little prairie adventure!  I was especially amazed at little Truman.  I mean, I knew he loved to walk, but it would have been absolutely crazy to expect him to hold up the way he did!  He kept his smile on, tried his best to keep up, sang some songs, counted, and was just a general joy to be around!  I carried him for about 1 min. total the entire trip.  That’s it!

Finally, finally we saw the end in sight.  The boys sprinted out and landed under the shade of a nice tree at the edge of the park:



1 hour and 45 minutes of walking and they were pooped!  Even Truman didn’t put up a fight when I told him it was time to go home (that’s pretty unheard of for him).

They aren’t anxious to go back anytime soon, but they admitted we did have a nice time!  Personally, I felt exhilarated by the whole thing!  The day was so lovely.  I loved being in the sun, breathing the fresh air,admiring the beauty that surrounded us, and being with my boys.  It wasn’t the experience we were expecting, but it was wonderful nonetheless!

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