Alaster’s Dino-mite Party!

Tomorrow our Alaster Morgan turns 6!  We held his birthday party this past Saturday, and had a most wonderful time. I even felt well!  For the first day in like… forever! It was awesome.

So today we are ready to report on the party happenings.  Let’s start with our delightful guests, shall we? Last month sometime Alaster presented me with a list he had written out of who he’d like to invite.  The list was terribly varied… it included the likes of little Eva Savage (just 3 years old) and Todd Freestone (30 something?  Are you 30 yet, Todd?) and some predictables like his best bud Jonas (6 like Aly, in his same class at school) and of course, his family.  We invited them all, and to our delight everyone was available!

Here we are on party day:

Truman and Tyler, Jack, Noah, Todd, Jeff (the other non-family, adult invitee) and Eva, Gram and Grampa, Jonas, Mom and Dad, and the Birthday Boy! Somehow I failed to get pictures of 3 whole people though!  What?!?  Pregnancy brain… I tell ya.  Spencer, Henry, and Theodore aren’t pictured above, but they have lots of shots to come… 🙂

As people were arriving we blew up some festive balloons Gram brought (thanks Gram!).  Truman had more fun than anyone with those things!  He took them all to Tyler at one point (as you can see below) and he spent the majority of the party kicking them around and yelling “Ooooons!”  He loved ’em!  And he also loves horsing around with Uncle Tyler!  We enjoyed talking, hiding (and occasionally opening and eating from) the dinosaur eggs Gram brought for the Dinosaur egg hunt:


When all the guests had arrived we started with the festivities!  Up First:  Dinosaur Fossil painting.  I made these salt dough fossils the night before:


The table all ready to go…




The finished product (That I totally forgot to send home with the kids!  Woops! We had set them outside to dry… and we just kind of moved on…)


Activity #2 was a classic:  Pin the tail on the Dinosaur:


I was in the kitchen cleaning up the paint, and when I came out this is what I saw…


Looking through the pictures on my camera I am not sure how that magically happened!  I distinctly remember a picture of Noah putting his on the closet door opposite this wall… hmmmm…. 🙂  Ah well!  You’re all winners at the Burton house!

Activity #3 was a Dinosaur Egg Hunt sponsored by Gram (who was willing to help me even though I didn’t plan this party till the Wed. before!  Sorry!).  We sent all the kids to Aly’s room to wait while we finished hiding the eggs.  The little ones, Eva and Theo, got to come down first, then after a minute all of the older kids were let loose (only fair, right?).  Please notice our ottoman stuffed with eggs.  Apparently that was Truman’s doing while the kids were painting fossils and pinning tails!  That’s better than what he had been doing though.  When Grampa first started hiding them T kept picking them up and bringing them back to the bowl.  So helpful!


Activity #4 was my personal favorite:  Dinosaur Charades!  Charades is one of Alaster’s new favorite games, having been recently introduced to it during FHE.  The first time we played it as a family he laughed for a solid 20 min. straight… while he was acting out… while others were acting… he couldn’t have been more tickled!  So cute!

So we knew we had to do it at the party.  Corey printed up pictures of various dinosaurs which we hung on the wall.  The kids could choose one of the pictures to act out for their friends!  We didn’t do teams or anything… we just let whoever wanted to try have a chance.  Most of the kids went more than once.  In this collage please notice the bottom left corner.  That’s all the kids rushing up to climb the couch and point to the picture they think was being acted out.  They got pretty into this game!  Alaster is the top left hand corner.  He was being an ankylosaurus.  Good job everyone!


In this next collage you can see Jeff and Todd getting in on the fun… and Alaster who for his next dinosaur just used his teeth 🙂  Cute boy!


After all the games it was time to EAT!  Here’s our spread:


Thanks to Gram for the festive plates/napkins/cups and the veggie platter.  And do you like the T Rex Head watermelon?  That was a collaborative effort by me and Corey.  We were pretty proud of it!  Our first ever fruit carving!  Yay! I was impressed with us for a while until I spent about 30 seconds on the internet seeing what other people have done with watermelons.  Wowza!  People are so creative!  We also served cheese and supreme pizzas.

The birthday boy chowing down on his lunch:


How much do you love that boy???  I can’t get enough myself…

And the group:


After lunch came presents at which point Alaster got spoiled extremely!  He loved EVERYTHING, and has played with each and every gift since the party, most of them multiple times.  Thank you so much friends!!!

I loved watching him open them, he’s so easily pleased :Dino16

Last but not least… What is a birthday party without birthday cake???  Aly and I spent a bunch of time together scouring the internet looking for the perfect cake.  We found several great options but in the end he chose the exploding volcano cake!  Behold:


Alaster helped as much as was possible with the decorating.  He colored and helped spread the frosting, and he and Jack together placed the dinosaurs and trees.  Gram brought the dino candles with her.  Love them!

To get the exploding flames we took butterscotch candies, melted them in the oven on waxed paper, let them cool almost completely and broke them up into flame shapes (As best we could!  It was harder than you’d think…)


Singing to the birthday boy:


Alaster had told me previously that he wanted to eat the volcano (strawberry cake with chocolate frosting).  It was kind of a sad moment at the party though because other children wanted it too!  But I went ahead and let Alaster have it.  The other kids hadn’t been looking forward to it/planning on eating it for nearly as long as he had and Alaster hardly EVER asks to have something just to himself.  Plus he was the birthday boy after all. (And I might add… a very sweet birthday boy… if he had been acting spoiled I might have made a different call, you know?)  Did I do the wrong thing?

Thankfully the greatest appeal to the other children with the volcano was it’s flames, of which we had extras!  Jeff remembered this fact and let the other children try the flames too.  I was so grateful to him!  I hadn’t even thought of those!  So a few other kids got the base of the volcano (Aly only wanted the top) and whoever wanted flames got a piece.

Chowing down:


And that was it!  We sent the kids home with their treat bags full of dino eggs and prizes.  I had purchased a few small things (Walmart clearance toys $0.50!  Yahoo!) but in all of the hullabaloo we didn’t remember to award them as the games progressed.  So while the kids were waiting for their parents to come I just evenly distributed them as best I could.  The bigger prizes stayed home since there weren’t enough to go around.

Another thing we failed to use was the time-filler activities Corey had printed out just in case.  He printed coloring pages, mazes, word searches and the like.  All dinosaur themed of course!  I wish I had remembered and stuck a few of those in each bag too but I didn’t.  If you live close and your child would like some… stop on by!  We’ve got lots!


Just hanging out… waiting for the parents.  Most of the kids broke open their eggs and had some treats.  Little Eva had been snacking on egg candy throughout the entire party.  It all started when she approached Ed before the party even started (he was holding the egg bowl) with those big blue eyes and asked for some.  What do you think Ed said???  To the only little girl at the party??? The little dear didn’t eat a stitch of lunch, and we found out later she was still so stuffed full of candy that she didn’t touch her dinner either.  Sorry Emily!  I owe you one!


All in all I’d call this party a success!  Alaster sure had fun, and that’s what really matters.  He was super involved in all of the planning (which we had done for weeks really, even though we didn’t finalize it until the week of) and I think it turned out how he’d hoped.

Corey and I just so badly wanted him to have the perfect day where he felt special, and loved, and just had tons of fun!  That’s what sweet, wonderful little boys like Alaster deserve, don’t you think???

Here’s to you kiddo!  6 tomorrow!  I can hardly believe it!

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