Pregnancy Interview No. 2 – 15 Weeks!

Well Ashlee, you are 15 weeks today I hear!  Congratulations!  We last spoke with you at week 9 when you made the big announcement on the blog.  How have things been going?

Oh… you know.  Can’t complain.  The boys and I are enjoying summer, and life has been full and busy as usual!  I’m a bit depressed that the summer is about half way over (boo!) but there’s no stopping that I suppose.

What’s with the picture of Truman?

Haha! You like it? I thought our last interview lacked a little sumthin’ sumthin’.  I thought it over and decided it was missing cute pictures of my kids! So…. this interview is going to include that.  Hope you don’t mind.

No, no.  This is your interview, do what you like!  By all means!  Back to the questions though:  How is your pregnancy going?  Have you felt baby move?  Are you coming out of the first trimester haze?  You are officially in the blessed 2nd Trimester now!  Felt any relief from your sickness?

Nope, haven’t felt the baby move, but I’m looking forward to it and have payed pretty close attention to my body in anticipation of those first little tickles.  Still not feeling great, sorry to report.  Well now, I guess that’s not totally true.  Some things HAVE improved.  I talked with the midwives about my lightheadedness and after looking over some of my labs they felt like it was likely a combo of super low blood pressure and the way my body reacts to carbs and sugars.  They recommended that I start eating protein every two hours, which I have done, and it has helped tremendously.  I almost never get light headed any more.  Emotionally things have been up and down, but I would say that situation has improved as well.  But as for the nausea… well… some days I have a great morning and think “Yay!  I feel good!  I’m probably done with being sick!” but by noon I know I am still not out of the woods.  Other days I know from the GET GO I am not over it yet.  Afternoons/evenings have been particularly brutal lately.  Ugh!

Oh.  I’m sorry to hear that.  Well, hopefully it will get better soon!

Yes.  Hopefully.  And I really can’t complain too badly.  I had a text conversation with my Aunt Dee recently.  I asked her a bit about the women in my family and I was reminded that my situation really could be harder!  First off, I am grateful to be pregnant.  It’s such a blessing, and I never want to forget that.  Secondly, there are women who have to have their gallbladders taken out while pregnant!  And my poor mother was sick the ENTIRE 40 weeks!  Ugh!  I really do expect things to improve by about 18-20 weeks!  They have every other time anyway 🙂  Here’s hopin’!


Well hey, I hear your friends have been taking marvelous care of you.  I’m sure that has helped.  Could you tell me a bit about that?

Oh my friends, my friends! My beautiful, lovely, generous friends!!!  Well, I had received lots of offers for help as soon as people knew I was feeling badly, but for a long time I didn’t accept any help.  Then, after about 2 months of feeling like a half-dead person, and noticing the sad effects this was having on my poor family (One night I got pizza for dinner because I Just. Couldn’t. Cook.  Jack and Aly both looked at me and said “We don’t want pizza.  We need something healthy.  Can’t we just have a salad???”) I had a change of heart and a change of policy about accepting help.  I decided I would welcome it whenever it came!

Caristyn, Emily S., Rachel, and Marie have all brought dinners.  And we’re talking healthy, comforting, amazing dinners!  Emily’s butternut squash soup was comfort in a bowl.  Rachel’s fish taco’s were restaurant quality.  Caristyn’s homemade bread spoiled my boys who no longer think our store-bought stuff is sufficient.  And Marie’s pulled pork was thoughtfully versatile. She brought so much that we were able to enjoy it for a few days, in several different ways!  Emily and Marie have also brought over snacks they thought I’d enjoy (they were right!) and Rachel has watched the boys on several occasions so I could rest.  I am telling you, these ladies are the best!

And it’s so much more than just the food right?  It’s knowing that someone cares and wants to lighten your load.  It’s having friends who ask how you are doing and crying as you tell them the truth because you know they genuinely want to know!  I feel so blessed for all the good friends in our life.  The ones that live close and can help, and the ones who live far and still find ways to let us know they care.  And it should go without saying that family is included in this too.  Cindy has been a wonderful help, and my far away family are always there for me too!

Returning Emily’s Dishes… (She brought paper/plastic goods even so we wouldn’t have to do dishes!  Awesome!  I am so stealing that idea!  Good Lesson:  Letting people serve you teaches you how to serve better the next time it’s your turn!)


How are Jack and Aly feeling?  Any more accepting of a possible baby boy?

Oh Heavens.  Jack is.  He talks about both “he,” and “she,” now… and if you ask him he’ll say that he’d be fine with either.  But poor Aly!  His heart is just SET on a girl.  Although, he doesn’t refer to the baby as “her,” and “she,” anymore. He now just talks about “your little baby.”  Like: “Mom, you can eat one of my candies.  It’s for your little baby in there.”  It’s just a small thing, but I really love it.


How is Corey doing?  Is his patience and support holding out?

You know… I was worried about that exact thing one day when I had been complaining to him quite a bit via text, and I knew he was going to come home to no dinner and a dirty house.  I told him I was so sorry and this was the text I got back:


And sometimes he does the funniest/sweetest things to make me smile.  The other night I was sick, again, and had a hard time figuring out what would settle my tummy.  I finally landed on a piece of bread with peanut butter, and look what he brought me:


Those are mini-chocolate chips.  Awwwwwwww.  I laughed so hard and so did he.  I had to take a picture even though I knew at night the quality would be awful.  I love Corey.  He’s amazing.  My pizza-for-dinner mentality has left me because I just know I need to step it up for my family, so I push through even when I’d rather not.  It’s better for all of us.  I’m not perfect and there are still nights it doesn’t happen, and other balls are being dropped, but I can honestly say I am doing my best.  And I love that that is enough for him. 🙂

Yep.  That Corey is a keeper alright!  Well… anything else you’d like to share today?

Ummmm…. yes!  Look at this:


Do you like it?

Sure… but I fail to see it’s relevance in this conversation we’re having.  DO enlighten me!

Well… when I was pregnant with Truman I bought myself a darling wallet.  It wasn’t super expensive or anything… like $15 at Target… but it was a nice “being-pregnant-is-hard-why-don’t-you-go-get-yourself-something-special-for-being-a-good-little-pregnant-girl?” thing I did for myself.  I almost never buy things that are just for me unless there is a dire need (haven’t always been this way, but certainly am now. Corey has to convince me that I need things.) So buying the wallet felt really indulgent and fun.  For this pregnancy I knew I wanted to get myself a water bottle.  I knew it from the beginning, but ended up doing it last week after realizing how many women get kidney stones during pregnancy!  Ahhhh!  I found this darling, girly, super functional bottle at Walmart for just under $7.  I bought it and again, felt all kinds of spoiled and giddy inside.  We have several perfectly functional (ugly!) water bottles at home… but I get this one.  This puuuurple one.  Yay for me!

Wow.  That’s a… really something!  Thanks for the interview!

Sure thing!  Shall we do this again at say… 25 or 30 weeks?  When I have a proper bump to show?  I took a pic of my tummy today in anticipation of this interview and it just looked silly.  I’m definitely in that too-small-for-regular-pants-but-don’t-exactly-look-like-I-need-maternity-ones-yet-either phase. I just look a little chubby, that’s all.

Sounds like a plan.  Talk to you then!


5 thoughts on “Pregnancy Interview No. 2 – 15 Weeks!

  1. Oh, those dinners sound delicious! The kids are adorable and Corey is sweet. This post reminded me of why I hate being Preggo! Hope you feel better sooner!

  2. I am so glad that your friends are taking care of you. I miss them and wish I could help too. Do you want to know a secret? We’re moving back to Urbana sometime in the next few weeks, just as soon as we can secure housing and make travel arrangements. I sincerely hope I can find something in this wonderful ward.

    Also, I totally had the lightheadedness issue with all my pregnancies, but it got especially bad with Claire. You were smart to ask the midwife about it. I just figured out the carbs/sugars are bad and protein is good by trial and error, which took some time to figure out. I found that protein was especially important for breakfast, and any sort of sugar or bread product in my breakfast would make me feel like I was going to pass out an hour later. Good luck with everything!

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