Guessing Game For Your Tuesday Afternoon

This morning Truman and I were reading a book together and he said the following thing over and over and over again:

” why, ooo, eee, ohh, bye, iih, men, aay, eye, ehh.”

Guessing game of the morning:  What was he saying?!?  I tried to spell it phonetically to make it easy… he wasn’t actually saying “why,” or “bye,” or “eye,” but I knew you would say it right in your head if I spelled it that way.

While you are thinking… look at this:

He’s cute, huh?

Answer:  He was counting!  We were looking at a number book and there is one page with the #’s 1-20 listed.  He touched the 1-10 over and over and over!  Then he started doing random #’s all over the place making the sounds as best as he could.  It was adorable!  I soaked it up! And squealed with delight for him each time… partly because he knew the #, but more so because he was trying to SAY the #!

Speech therapy is helping people.  He’s actually trying now!  We still have a long way to go, but we are so glad we decided to do therapy.  I love his therapist (she says things like “Wow!  His attention span is incredibly long for his age!”  and “I don’t know if this is possible, but I think his eyelashes have grown even longer since last week!” so… yeah… I like her 🙂 )  And we are learning so many things!  We’ve changed a few of our behaviors slightly and it’s made a world of difference. 


Jack and Alaster are doing great too!  This week they are at Basketball Camp.  12:30-5:00pm daily.  They really like it!  Jack especially.  (Uncle Cal:  They will call you tonight or tomorrow night to tell you all the details.  I hope they give more to you than they did to me!  Is there a best night for them to call you?  I overheard Jack and Aly talking about you earlier and I heard Jack say “Yeah.  He’s REALLY good at Basketball.”  Cute.)


Jack and Aly have attended one other camp so far this summer: Kung Fu.  I never got a picture 😦  Sorry.

And I just had to show you this picture from our morning:


It’s fuzzy, but you can still tell what’s happening right?  That’s Truman tackling Jack to the ground. 

I was roughhousing with Truman when Jack and Aly came in the room. I pointed at Jack and said “Truman!!!  Get Him!” He looked over at Jack… got a wild look in his eyes… and ran straight at him with his arms out!  It took Jack by surprise and he was successful in knocking him over! Jack loved it of course so he made Truman repeat the stunt over and over.  Pretty funny stuff!


3 thoughts on “Guessing Game For Your Tuesday Afternoon

  1. What cuties! That is so funny about Truman tackling Jack! And so great about truman counting! I’d love to hear more about what small behavior changes you’ve made to help him along, I find that stuff fascinating.

    Benjamin says: I was like, “How could Truman tackle Jack?!?” I don’t get it. I want to know what you do in Kung Fu.

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