Hi! I’ve missed you!

It’s been so long friends, so long!  All my spare computer time in the last while has been spent writing a talk that the Stake President assigned me to give in all the units of my stake about Women and the Priesthood.  I gave it in the first unit yesterday with the lovely people of the Danville Ward. To reward myself for actually finishing (there was some question as to whether I would ever actually complete it!) I get to blog today!  Yay!

Did you have a good 4th?  We did!  I was determined to push past feeling sick and to enjoy the day, and you know what?  I really, really did!  I even started the day off properly with festive food which did wonders for lifting my mood:


I thought they looked beautiful, but I gotta tell you… it was nothing compared to how they taste!  We love crepes around here!  And I made them with whole wheat and they were still fantastic!  Plus I didn’t feel bad about them anyway because of all that gorgeous fruit.  In fact, I felt so not guilty that I ended up adding a little bit of this:



I wanted to attempt making a dessert that wouldn’t upset my tummy (Candy, baked goods and the like have been an absolute no-go lately… probably a blessing in disguise!) so I made what I thought my stomach couldn’t possibly reject… Ashlee’s All Time Favorite Treat: Fruit Pizza!  (I was wrong of course, but it was worth a shot…) I did realize my current limitations would mean that I probably shouldn’t attempt making the cookie dough, so I used tube kind (don’t judge!) and while a fun shape or design would have made it even more festive, I thought it turned beautifully!  Who needs anything but berries on the 4th???


I also made a potato and green bean salad, but it wasn’t beautiful so no pics.  🙂

After breakfast we hopped in our cars… Corey and I drove our car with Truman, and the older boys went with Gram, Grampa and Tyler… and we headed to Crown Point, IN to spend the day with Gram’s Sister, Aunt Missy, and her family.  It was such a lovely day!

They have the perfect yard for kids to play in.  While the women folk got lunch ready, the boys played outside.  I snapped a few pics of their adventures.  First though, some shots in their darling matchy 4th outfits from Gram:


They had a water fight:


Played… uhhhhh… what do you call this?  Badminton?  Or something…


And just enjoyed hanging out together outside.  Truman had fun all over the yard.  He was so busy!  He loved it there! I love the pics of Tyler trying to teach him how to hold the racket.  Jack and I got to play a bean toss game for just a minute together.  It was fun!  And I really love the picture in this collage of Corey and his Dad:


Then after a scrumptious lunch we headed into town for the parade!  Aren’t we darling?  Not pictured:  Uncle Jerry.  I’m not sure where he was when I was taking pictures.  Also not pictured:  Ruthie.  She was actually in the parade, so you’ll see her in a minute 🙂


We were loaded to the hilt with snacks and treats.  No one took more advantage of this fact than Truman.  See his little hand shoving mini gummy bears in by the handful?!?  And I just had to show you the cute lemonade Gram found.  SO cute!  Jack and I loved them!


Truman loved Hannah.  And she was so sweet with him!  Those bubbles are now an every day activity at our house.  Truman brings them to me and says “Llllllles.”  And we blow them for what seems like forever!  They make him so happy.


Jack and Alaster were totally enthralled by the parade, but Truman took a bit more work to entertain.  He ate snacks, blew bubbles, danced, played with Tyler, took walks along the parade route with Mommy… then Daddy, drank inordinate amounts of water, climbed on chairs… what a busy guy!  He was stinkin’ cute though, and we thought he did great!  See how happy he was when applesauce was handed out by someone in the parade?  Cute stuff.


As I said, Jack and Alaster loved the parade!  They learned quickly that if you clap and wave (something at least Jack would not normally be inclined to do…) you got more candy!  And they loved ALL of the things that people handed out.  They got so much candy you’d have thought it was a Halloween parade, airplanes, frisbees, pencils, flags… all kinds of fun things!  And we LOVED watching them watch the parade.  They were so cute!


And the parade really was fun.  It was everything you’d hope from small town America.  Cute kids, old fashioned cars and trucks, civil war re-enactors!  It was great!


And look!  Here comes Ruthie playing her flute!


Woot, woot!

After the parade and a quick freshen up at the house, we made the trek home.  Truman slept for a good amount of the time and Corey and I enjoyed the time together.  It was made even sweeter when I was snacking on almonds and found two that fit perfectly together to form a heart.  Awwwwwwww.  Corey made me take a pic to symbolize our love:


By the time we got home Truman and I both needed bed.  Immediately.  Daddy and the older boys grabbed a quick dinner and then headed out to the fireworks.  Thankfully they were located in a place that was close enough to our home they could just walk to a nearby park (like 2 min. away) and watch from there.  They saw lots of our friends there and had a great time!  Corey said he tried to take good pics but this was all he could capture.


And why the popcorn you ask?  To symbolize all the other fun things Jack and Aly have done with Gram and Grampa lately.  They have gone to see 2 movies: Monsters U, and Despicable Me 2.  They have been to the farmers market, ran errands, and even visited a Dairy Barn with famous ice cream!  (I got to tag along to that one!  Yahoo!)  Jack and Alaster LOVE spending time with them.  We are so lucky to live close!

Hope your 4th was a Bang too!  More blogging from me soon!

2 thoughts on “Hi! I’ve missed you!

  1. Yeah! I love having your blog delivered to my inbox! No more missed posts! I’m sorry you haven’t been feeling well. Iit looks like you had a great Fourth of July. I love the fruit pizza and the fruit crepes! Hope you’re doing well friend! Think of you often!

  2. Ashlee!! I haven’t been on blogs in ages, but I just wanted to let you know that I stopped in today! Your family is adorable and congrats on the pregnancy!! I’m working on getting my blog up to date….I’m up to April now. 🙂 Love seeing your life and how things are going. Thanks for sharing!

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