Life can be So Suprising!

Aly, Truman and I were eating lunch. We expected Jack to join us from playing with his pal Nathan at any moment.

Look what a cute kid Nathan is.  He’s got a good mug, huh?!?


A couple of bites into my lunch I heard a knock at the door.  Did I lock it?  Can Jack not get in?  I ran to open it for him.

I had just said “Hi Jack, come on in…” when it registered that he was holding something in his hands.  Wondering if he had a snack or something from Nathan’s house I peeked in the container he was holding… and “Ahhhh!” I just about jumped out of my pants!  He had a real live crawdad in there!  I think I startled Jack a little too, but he wasted no time and launched right into his story anyway.  He and Nathan had been down to the creek (a favorite hangout of theirs) and had been catching fish and crawdads.  “Nathan caught this one and let me have it!”  He said with a “nice, huh?!?” look on his face… “And I think… well… can I just keep him for a pet?”

While I thought of how to respond I asked Jack to stay put so I could get my camera.  I took a quick pick of the unfortunate crawdad and gently explained that I didn’t think it was in the crawdad’s best interest to make our house his home.  That’s when he launched into his obviously well prepared arguments.

I couldn’t help but snap a few pictures.  Look how hard he’s trying to persuade me:


“Mom, I KNOW how to take care of crawdads.  I can catch his food.  I will get a bigger container for him and fill it full of creek water.  I can get things he’ll like in there…”  and on and on.  I finally just had to tell him “no.”  And… well… it broke his little heart!  He started crying and pleading and breaking my heart a little bit too.  I haven’t seen him want something like this so badly in quite a long time.  SO… I called Corey to see what he thought.  In the end we decided Jack could keep him (OUTSIDE of course).  He’ll be dead in a matter of days I’m sure.  Did we do the wrong thing?!?

Here he is transferring him to a larger container.  We also put a lid with holes on it because he kept trying to jump out.  Jack is going to make it more homey after chores today by returning to the creek to gather materials that will make him feel right at home.  Joy!  And I guess he’ll have to get more food for him because Nathan came over just barely and asked for the dead fish… a very little one intended as food for the crawdad that he also gave Jack… back.  I didn’t ask what he was going to do with it.  He’s a good kid, and I don’t want to know.


As Aly looked him over he noticed something I hadn’t.  “Jack, he’s missing a claw.”  Jack’s response: “Yeah… wellllll… When Nathan was getting him out from under the rock it… just… kind-of-came-off (he spat out quickly)… but… I mean… He’s fine!”  I asked Jack if he would be fine if someone accidentally ripped one of his arms off?!?  He and Aly just giggled.  Oh Mom!

Yep.  That crawdad’s a gonner.

So that was Jack’s Surprise-of-the-Day.

Aly surprised Corey and I yesterday with his little mailbox.  He had written us each notes, sealed them in envelopes, addressed them, and then crawled in bed with us to announce that we had mail:


Here’s what mine said:


I said “yes, of course!” and it was a date!  When Truman went down for a nap and Jack was out with Nathan, he and I settled down to a fun game of Clue.  Aly’s reading is sufficiently strong now that he can play by himself!  Who wouldn’t want to play Clue with this face?!?  (And please notice the cheetos and the unfolded clean laundry on the table with us.  Unfortunately that’s about how things are going these days… Blegh!)


Aly is incredibly fun to play games with.  So quick to laugh and be silly…  Blissfully unaware of strategy (which makes me giggle.  He doesn’t get why I’m laughing, but he’s happy to join in!)… Easily excited… and Sweet as can be… offering me cheetos, telling me “good job,” and the like…


And guess what?!?  He won!


Had to show you this.  He has found so many uses for this gorilla:


Truman has also been surprising us a lot!  He has a few new words… “okay!” , “woah!” , “Ba-Bye!” “Hot,” and “Why,” All of which he uses in context!  Huzzah!  He has also started to point to more letters and tell us their sounds.  He knows the sounds for f (he can’t make the sound traditionally, but he can accomplish a pretty good imitation of it by sucking air through his teeth/lips!), p, m, b, a, e and a few others I think.  And now in addition to correctly identifying all of the letters he will say some of them on his own when he sees them.  He can say A, E, I and O.

He continues to love, love, love music.  Corey and I had him in our bed after church this Sunday and were talking to him about nursery.  He was so animated and happy as we asked him about it.  He couldn’t talk of course, but his happy squeals and faces said a lot.  When we got to asking him about music time I started naming off certain songs, and when I asked if he had sung “I am a Child of God,”  He started singing it!  It was in his “baa baaa aahhh ahhh’s” as always but it was very recognizable.  Adorable people.  Adorable.  He sang the whole danged thing then clapped for himself.  What a sweetie!  We were so surprised!  He also loves to sing theme songs to TV shows.  Cute!

But the biggest surprise of all from Truman came last night.  Look what he ate for dinner!


Our stinky, won’t-try-anything, boy ate quinoa with black and red beans, cherry tomatoes, orange peppers, corn, AND avacado with a dressing he’s never had!!!  He didn’t turn up his nose at ANY of the ingredients!  He just ate them!  Happily!  We couldn’t believe it!  (We had those same ingredients on top of greens for a delicious salad.)

Want a surprise from ME?  I MADE THAT SALAD!  AT DINNER TIME!  Doesn’t sound spectacular to you I’m sure, but it really was quite a feat for me. I have felt so crummy that I have pretty much stopped cooking altogether.  It’s been bad.  Really bad.  So I was super proud of myself last night for pushing through and getting dinner made. 5 points to me!

Alright… what have your kids done lately to surprise you?  Or what have they done in the past?  Can anyone top the “my son came home with a crawdad,” story?  I’d love to hear about “pets,” that have been brought to your home!


One thought on “Life can be So Suprising!

  1. WiL had gone to play at a friends house in the new neighborhood we moved into on Dallas, Texas. We had been living there for about 2 weeks. Ryan Murphy his new friend invited him over after school. After I met Cindy his mom off they went. When WiL got home he was so excited to tell me, “Mom, Ryan can play the piano.” I am thinking right he is ten that is probably book 4. “No, no mom Ryan can PLAY the piano. He says he’ll teach me how to play. Come with me tomorrow to their house to watch him.” It took a couple of days before I went over. In the mean time WiL came home everyday more animated about Ryan and the piano. Including the day before I went he came home and announced Ryan had taught him how to play the piano. (total number if days he had been to Ryan’s house 5). So after school that Friday off we all went walking to the Murphy’s house. Two blocks. When we walked into the house Ryan and WiL were already at the piano doing improv jazz of Scott Joplin’s Ragtime. In five days Ryan had taught WiL to play the piano. I went home to call David. “We have to buy a piano.” WiL still composes music on that same full size keyboard we bought. Thank you thank you for reminding moms that being surprised by your children is one of the great luxuries of life and an awesome reward for mamas and daddys. love aunt deedee

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