Our Lovey Dovey Boy Turned 2!

Can you believe it? Truman is two!!!

Our poor baby was sick on his birthday, and so was I (just the pregnant kind… nothing additional) so the fantastically festive Yo Gabba Gabba party I had imagined and planned came to nothing.  Boo.  I couldn’t even make the cupcakes we ended up doing. Corey made them.  You can guess how I felt about all of that I’m sure…

We had a difficult time finding a day that would work for both Corey and the Grandparents to celebrate, so Truman got two parties!  The first was with Daddy.  Jack and Alaster were also sick so they aren’t pictured much.  They came in to sing and then went back to their stations on the couch.  Sad!  This was the most pathetic birthday ever!

Truman was hilarious when we put him in the high chair and started singing.  He was interested in the candles, but super confused and a little disturbed by the singing.  Check out the look he had on his face:


We all wondered how he’d deal with the cupcakes… You know how silly this kid is about trying new food!  We chose a color that we thought he’d associate with treats, and we left some unfrosted in case that was a deterrent (which it was!).  Oh… just look at the pictures!  First we tried frosted…


Nothin’ doin’.



Ummmm… No.

What if Daddy proves to you that frosting is yummy?


He was mad until he tasted it 🙂

But he still just pointed at them…


Eventually that moved to gingerly picking them up and examining them… moving them from the tray to the table… offering them to mommy… etc.  There was one accidental frosting poke, that he did lick off of his fingers… then back to picking them up and setting them down… this went on for a good 5 minutes…


FINALLY… he tried the unfrosted one, and ate about 7 bites:


So we thought maybe he’d try the frosted after that?  Nope.  He never did.  He’d pick it up, but that’s as far as it went. So serious….


After “eating cupcakes,” we presented him with our gift:


Daddy taught him what to do and he had fun inside:


And outside:




After a while he just wanted to walk, so Daddy and I obliged him.  It was a lovely day!  And even though he was sick, he enjoyed himself immensely as always.  That boy never turns down a walk!  Although we missed the boys, Daddy and I loved having a special walk with just him.


The next day was party time with Gram, Grampa and Uncle Tyler.  He still wasn’t feeling great so it was pretty short and sweet.

First came presents!  They gave him a turtle pool/sandbox (and 4 big bags of sand), a big bucket of daddy/uncles old tonka trucks to play inside the turtle with (How fun that she saved these things and now our boys get to use them!), a squirty pool toy, some balls, a couple of books, and a favorite treat: mini gummy bears!

As you can see… Brothers were feeling better at this point and thoroughly enjoyed helping him open/play with his presents.  Truman wouldn’t open his gift bag on his own.  We kept trying to give him instructions, but I think he felt weird with all of the attention.  First he just touched the tissue and ran away.  Then after someone showed him how to take it out he picked the discarded piece up and put it back where it was… it was all very funny and cute!  Jack and Aly ended up taking the goods out and just showing them to him.  He was excited about them, and even though he was sick you could tell he was having a good time!



Since cupcakes were a total bust I went with chocolate chip cookies this time.  Something I know he likes, and even more importantly… he knows he likes!  This time he liked the singing a bit better, but because he was feeling crummy, he didn’t eat the cookie.  And I found a new completely to die for recipe and everything!  Sad!


We didn’t do much more after that.  We would have wanted everyone to stay and play, but Truman just didn’t feel up to it, poor thing.  BUT… when the older boys were outside checking out the new toys… Truman found those mini gummy bears, and felt well enough to have a small sampling.  I was glad he enjoyed had some kind of treat at last!  What birthday is complete without that?!?


By the next morning though… he had perked right up!  Yay!  Our boy was back!  So he got to try out his presents!


He LOVED them!  And I learned a valuable lesson:  Even though it’s little… when playing in the turtle with water:  PUT THE BOYS IN SWIMSUIT GEAR!  I had no idea how soaked they would all get!

They were pretty dry when we first started. After a while I left them outside alone and started working in the kitchen (I can keep an eye on them through the sliding glass door) and within a minute or less I looked out to find Truman totally drenched!  What?!?

One minute of observation and… Ahhhh…That’s what:


Good thing Truman liked it!

More Brother Fun:


What a sweetie birthday boy!  They played outside all morning.  So fun after 2 sick days!


We love our Truman Matthew boy with all of our hearts.

Happy Birthday Baby Boy!  Next year we will have the party of the century to make up for this year!


3 thoughts on “Our Lovey Dovey Boy Turned 2!

  1. Pregnant?!?!?! Yay!!! Congratulations!! I need to be better at reading your blog, apparently! (Not apparently… I know I do!! (we just got done reading Junie B!))

    Wow! How far along? Boy? Girl? I guess I will just have to read all of your blog tonight to get the info! I am sorry you are not feeling well…nothing worse than pregnant sick. I hope you start feeling better! On the plus side, these pictures are adorable! I love Truman on his bike! Your family is getting so big!

  2. he is so cute! wow!! he is a mix of you and cory. I cant wait to find out what you are having. love you. xoxoxo emily

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