They Saved All Their Pennies- Father’s Day 2013

Right after Mother’s Day the boys announced to me that they had come up with a plan for Father’s Day:  They each had a little money saved from Birthdays, and they would do extra chores to earn additional money in order to buy Dad a present all on their very own.  They even knew what they wanted to get him:  A Helicopter!  They were so excited!!!

So for the next month I kept track of money that they earned from helping me on a piece of paper.  A quarter here… ten cents there… every once and a while a fifty-cent-er…  I was so proud of all of their efforts!

I had hoped to take them with me to get the helicopter, so that they could pick it out themselves of course, but all last week the boys were sick!  They kept trading it off with each other and it made a trip to the store nearly impossible.  So come Saturday night I finally had to go on my own.  As I took Jack to bed (sick Alaster had already fallen asleep on the couch and been transported upstairs) I asked if he was ready, and if he really wanted me to take his money.  He answered emphatically: Yes.  He told me where the key to his safe was so that I could retrieve the cash.

When I got to the safe I had to try really hard not to cry in front of him.  There in his safe were all his earthly treasures.  Papers with his secrets written on them (Remember THIS?  I didn’t peek at what his secrets are these days… it just would have felt wrong.), a little Mario figurine we gave him at Christmas, his favorite pen, etc.  And of course, his money.  It was all folded up in a special little square except for a little pile of coins which Jack informed me with a little chuckle that I shouldn’t take because “That’s not United States money.”  Ah.  His Canadian and Puerto Rican (sp?) money.  I remember.  We had a little giggle about that together and then I left the room.
Father's Day1

When I took the little pocket of cash (see how he folded it?  Bottom right in the collage) and started opening and counting (coins fell out in the most ingenious little pockets Jack made) I didn’t hold back the tears anymore.  $21 and some odd cents.  I couldn’t believe it!  And that was without the money I had been tallying up as they earned chores!  They were giving all the money they had in the world to buy Daddy a present.  I was so touched.

Now I must say… this type of behavior is typical of Alaster.  He’s naturally generous and doing something like this is right in line with his little spirit.  But Jack?  Not so much!  He’s very close with his money and other things.  For him to wish to part with it for someone else was no small thing.  I was so proud of him, and again… very, very touched.  Corey was too.  He didn’t want to let the boys do it, but in the end he agreed with me that we had to.  Oh man.  We love, love, love these sweet boys of ours!

In the end they had mostly earned the cost of the helicopter.  I pitched in a little, but didn’t tell them 🙂  The drive to Target was a memorable one.  I wanted so badly to call my mom on the phone and tell her what her sweet grandboys had just done.  I was a little sad until  I called Whitney 🙂  Have I ever told you I am so glad I have a real live sister of my very own?  Whitney is simply the best.  I really don’t know what I would do without her.

Sunday morning dawned, the boys awoke, and all thoughts were turned to Daddy.  Jack made him a piece of toast while he slept and woke him up:  “I made you breakfast Daddy.” (Corey LOVED that moment, I tell you what!)  And Alaster wrote him love notes, sealed them in an envelope and delivered them with a hug.

A little bit later and it was the moment they had been working and waiting for!  They presented him with their gifts!

Father's Day2

Because only one boy could hold the helicopter we bought these:

Father's Day3

Corey was SO surprised (I didn’t spill the beans to him about what they wanted to buy!  5 points to me!) and SO pleased.  He has always wanted a helicopter!  He was super jealous of Jack on his 7th birthday when he got one.

He and Jack played with their copters and Aly got out his remote controlled car. (He was super sweet about not having one of his own… he just got what he did have and played right along!  Typical Aly :))  It was such a fun morning!  Corey thoroughly enjoyed all of their love and attention.  As he said to me that night “One day of the year their love belongs just to me…”  I’m so glad he felt loved!  Father’s Day is nice when the wife does something for her husband, but how much cooler when the actual children are old enough to do things of their own accord?  It was a very rewarding day for Corey indeed!

Obligatory, before Church pictures:

Father's Day4

Corey was super sad that his baby wasn’t in these pictures.  He told me later we’d have to try for some with him, but we never did.  He was so miserably sick!  That evening we had planned on dinner with Grampa, but we didn’t end up doing it so as not to spread the dreaded gamboo to their house too.  They still made dinner though and brought it over to share!  How sweet!  And I made what I was going to bring and shared it with them too.  It worked.  We were sad not to be able to spend more Happy Father’s Day time with Grampa, but hopefully he knows how much we love him too.

Then that evening… because he’s a hardworking Daddy who provides for, leads, and loves his family… Corey went to work.

Happy Father’s Day to all the men in our lives!  Oh how we love and appreciate you!

3 thoughts on “They Saved All Their Pennies- Father’s Day 2013

  1. This is so sweet, it made me cry. You are doing an incredible job with your sweet boys and I know you couldn’t talk to your mom, but I’m pretty sure she was there with you on the way to go get the helicopter and I know she knows what incredible grandsons she has. I’m sure she wanted to be there with you as much as you wanted her to be there.

  2. Ash, I love to see what is happening with you and your boys! I have signed up to receive your Brazenlyburton post on my email…. so we can watch for what is happening. We we so happy to hear your great news about your pregnancy and hope that you are feeling well enough to do all the things that you have to do each day. We love your little family and are so glad that you are a part of our family.
    Love you guys

  3. this is so stinking special! I just love it. Every year Jacob leaves for a conference at or before noon on fathers day. This will likely continue for the rest of his career. He is a good sport about it but it makes me sad. someday we well figure out how to celebrate him properly despite this obstacle!

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