This Stuff is GOLD!

Do you need a little chuckle today?  I’ve got just the thing.

The last week of school the boys came home with mountains and mountains of paper.  All of the stuff they had worked on throughout the year was suddenly being shipped back to us.  Now I know, I know.  I am the mother so of course I think this stuff is hilarious, but just take a peek.  I think you will too!

Let’s start with Jack… who can be so sweet:


Please notice the fancy letters at the top of this page…


(“Stink Pot,” and “Stinker,” are affectionate names around here.  I call Truman those things when he does something cute and smart.)


Yes.  Sometimes that Jack is so sweet.  Other times he is so grumpy



Can you believe him?!?  This one is even better…


“…here that? BOTH!”  Haha!  Does it make me a horrible person for just finding that really funny?  It’s cause I know he absolutely loves the stuffing out of both of his brothers, so I can laugh about it when apparently he was having an off day.  It’s just so JACK to write something like this!

Keep going though, the story isn’t over…


The end.  Ha!

Now for Alaster.  This kid really is just sweet.  Not one piece of grumpy paper in his stack.

Here’s a nice little poem about his Gram’s House.  I’ll put a translation underneath.  Even though Jack’s spelling is horrible, I figured you’d be able to decipher.  With Aly’s you might need some help.  He’s actually pretty good at spelling phonetically, but his handwriting really, really needs help.  He practiced/wrote all the time at school, but it’s just hard for him!  He frequently writes things backwards, etc.


Grams Home.  Lots of games and fun.  Like Wii games and legos and board games and Grandpa and Grammy.

I should have put this one first.  To help brainstorm ideas for their poems they were supposed to fill out this “Close to my Heart,” poetry idea thing.  I LOVE his answers!


Gram’s House.  My Toys.  Fruit.  My Family.  My Friends.  What a sweetie!

Here’s a cute one about Jack:


I like how nice you are.  You are so fun. 🙂

Narrowing down what else to post of their school work is going to be hard.  There’s just so much of it!  And I think it’s pretty much all GOLD!


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