Long Live Summer!

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Pictures of some of our very Burton Adventures in the first two weeks of Summer.  (Minimal words from me.  Promise.)


Some very important lessons I have learned in these two weeks that I hope will help the rest of the Summer be even more exciting and fun!

Warning:  My sentences are all jumbley in this post.  Even more jumbley than usual, mind.  But it’s the best I could do this evening!


Oh how we have loved the pool!  The boys alternate between the kiddie pool and the real pool, playing with each other, friends, and on their own.  Truman spends about half of the time in the water and half of the time out.  He sincerely wishes I’d let him play outside of the kiddie area more. (Bottom center pic of Jack = warming up his cold, skinny body!)


One day when Jack and Aly weren’t feeling well I took Truman for a solo trip to the toy room and playground.  He mastered climbing up the slide that day!  And every time he reached the top he’d clap for himself.  Oh how I love this stinker of a boy!


Is this a cute picture or what?!?


Full of confidence from the toy room he also managed to go down the big slide outside without my help.  Also a first!  Notice he kind of toppled out of it? (top right pic).  He straightened out okay and went down without an issue 🙂


No trip outside for Truman is complete without a go at the swings:


Scootering at around and all over the park… including on the playground equipment!  These boys were so cute together.  They would map out routes and stick together.  At one point Jack wanted to go super fast and Aly couldn’t keep up.  He got pretty sad about it, so the next go he promised Aly they would go really FAR (they did!) and he would stay with him the whole time.  I can’t tell you how much I love these two and their best-friendship!  It’s worthy of it’s own post sometime!


This same park has a fun water area.  We weren’t planning on getting in, but, well… you know how things go sometimes… Carpe Diem, we say!  Jack was the first to venture in:


And as always… where Jack goes, this one shortly follows:


I love this picture even though you can’t quite see what was happening.  Truman wanted to get in so, so badly, but he didn’t quite have the courage.  His shoes were off and he was ready to go, but nothing really came of it.  Jack and Aly came over to encourage him in.  Jack is holding his hand and pointing him in…


These pictures show pretty well how he waited on the sidelines, finally got in, and then was caught off guard by a shooting fountain.  After that he found a shovel and played around a bit gingerly.  What a cute boy!


The boys actually asked me *GASP* to take pictures of them scootering.  Here they are about to race.  Game faces ON.


And here’s Aly… who insists on wearing helmets and lectures us frequently about proper dental care.  Are you intimidated???


Ready, Set…




While they raced, this one found a new slide to conquer and a beloved swing…


More Pool Fun:


And some shots of our biggest boy.  Jack is so grown up this summer!  He romps about our housing community with a pack of boys most afternoons.  He has so many good friends around here!  He’s proving himself trustworthy, always staying within the bounds I set, and putting his watch to excellent use.  He’s reminding me what it was like to be a kid.  I have little boys (most known, some unknown) knocking on my door all the time asking if he can come out and play.  I love it!  And so does he!

Thankfully he’s also still good with the little ones.  In this collage we were watching a good little friend of ours, Jolee.  He pushed her on the swings, showed her the playground, pushed her on the merry-go-round etc.  Also you can see that he keeps climbing that same old tree, but he’s getting higher and higher!  What a great boy!


Okay, now on to what I have learned.

Lesson #1:  It is my job as a mom to make sure these boys eat and stay hydrated!  They would just go and go all day without giving refreshment a thought!  Except for popsicles of course… They never fail to ask for those after the pool 🙂  Here they are with their favorite summer lunch (and dinner) Black Bean Sandwiches with Chipotle Mayo (Anyone want the recipe?  I never post recipes anymore, but if someone wanted it, I would!  It’s worth the effort of sharing for sure!)  with Watermelon.  Most days don’t pass without a bit of watermelon in our tummies!  The boys other top requests are tuna and crackers and salads.


Lesson #2:  If a child says that they are only going to be outside “for a minute,” and decline sunscreen… grab them and put it on anyway.  One minute often turns into a much longer time!

Lesson #3:  Babies must have their sleep!  Apparently Truman is prone to over-stimulation which leads to horrible naps and refusal to sleep at bedtime.  It’s the darndest thing!  I have heard of other children doing this, but Jack and Alaster don’t.  When they are tired, even overly tired, they SLEEP!  But after these two weeks I know that Truman is different (shocker!) and his schedule is not to be messed with.  He must nap at the proper time!  And come to that we have learned the breaking points for all 3 children.  They think they can play all day without rest.  They are wrong.

Lesson #4:  There is a difference between RESTING and WALLOWING (we’re talking about me now, obviously).  I really do feel horrible most of the time, there’s no getting around it.  BUT… while a small bout of resting when necessary is helpful and refreshing… wallowing for longer than is necessary, self-pitying thoughts, and complaining aren’t helpful or refreshing.  They only make me feel worse.  As I mentioned in the tell-all, I am having a harder time emotionally with this pregnancy.  Not sure why.  And I am finding that as Truman is prone to over-stimulation, I am prone to wallowing.  I really, really don’t want to be this way, but I am struggling.  The first step is recognition though, right?

I know now that it all starts with my thoughts.  This week I had a melt-down day when I realized that I had felt nauseous for a full month straight, and that if “morning,” sickness lasts as long in this pregnancy as it did with Truman I still have a full two months of it left.  Ugh!  This one thought resulted in an entire worthless day for me.  I sulked good and hard and by the end of the day I hated myself and didn’t feel worthy to pray.  Not good people, not good.  So the goal now is to keep my thoughts in control.  All unproductive, selfish thoughts must be rejected straight away and replaced with positive ones, service to my family, and immediate prayers for help.

Lesson #5:  My kids are so cool.   They are working hard (I make them do chores for about an hour and a half a day).  And they are playing hard.  I love being with their bright, happy selves all day!  Lesson #5 is that no time spent with them even when I “should be working on something else,” is wasted.  They are the most important thing, forever and always!

Long Live Summer!  The best and happiest three months of the year!


2 thoughts on “Long Live Summer!

  1. SO FUN SO FUN…. I miss those wonderful days of summer with pre-teens!!!! Now this summer I get to go okay with April’s babies. I love those pictures of Jack and Aly scootering. Cute cute boys…. I’ll send pictures of April’s girls to show them.

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