Time for the Tell-All

Interview Style of Course…

So Ashlee, when are you due?

The technical due date is January 8th.  Based on all three other pregnancies we are assuming we’ll see this baby no earlier than January 15th.

Oooooh a winter baby!  How do you feel about that?

Positively delightful!  Okay, I am a little worried about baby getting sick… my Katie’s most recent baby (also born in the winter) got RSV and spent some time in the hospital.  Sad!  But I do so love to swaddle and snuggle babies (not as nice to do to summer babies!), and I really love to retreat into newborn land and close the rest of the world outside. Winter will provide perfect atmosphere for that, don’t you think?  No need to feel guilty for not going out!  I am excited to try having a baby in a new season.

Tell us the truth… Are you trying for a girl?!?!

No!  And please stop asking me that question!  It hurts my feelings.  We would love to have a girl this time around, but we are certainly not going to be disappointed if we have another beautiful, sweet baby boy!  Are you kidding?  We love baby boys!  I remember people giving us a I’ll-try-to-be-happy-for-you-resigned “Ohhhh,” when we told them Truman was a boy, and it made me so sad!  The correct response would have been “Another Burton Boy!  How wonderful!  Congratulations!”

So do you really not want a girl then?

Now, now… hold your horses… we would love a little girl!  I think. 🙂 I admit the emotions are a bit more complicated when we think about the possibility of a girl.  I have many more worries about a girl, but let’s not get into that until the time comes okay?  Just know for now we would be so, so happy to have a little lady join our clan!

Let’s talk NAMES!  You and Corey usually have those picked out by the time you announce the pregnancy, and I hear it’s a pretty constant conversation between the two of you, even when you aren’t expecting!

Oh dear.  Yes.  Names.  We aren’t sure this time!  We know the middle name for a boy would be Jacob, after his Father first and the Book of Mormon prophet second.  And we know if it’s a girl her name will definitely include Elizabeth after her Grandma Lizzi, but we aren’t sure if we would use it as a first name or as a middle.  If it were her first I would call her Beth, but Corey would likely choose another nickname derived from Elizabeth… of which there are many!

We did have 2 names set in stone, but now I would say they are just on the “very possible,” list… probably still front runners.  They are:  Peter Jacob for a boy (Corey’s biggest Scripture Hero is Peter), and Elaine Elizabeth for a girl.  We would call her “Laney,” when she’s little, and “Lane,” when she’s older. I LOVE the name Lane.  I know many people think of it as a man name, but to me it is very feminine and falls into the same category as names like Jane and Kate.  Short, sophisticated, intelligent, classic, and yet unique. Why Elaine and not just Lane?  Because the name would be after Elaine Dalton, one of my heroes.  For now we are still looking.  We went through German names the other night and had a great time of it!

Alaster says we should name a boy “Joe,” (be sure to imagine him saying it in a deep, harsh, manly voice) and “baaaaaaby,” (imagine him using a sickly sweet, slow voice) if it’s a girl.  Ha!  He has also thrown out “Sheldon,” for a boy.  I don’t think so buddy!

Four Kids!  Are you crazy?!?

Yes!  Ahhhhhh!  My mom only ever had 2 children and this is double that!  Ahhhhh!  Thinking about being the main nurturer of 4, beautiful, sweet, important people is overwhelming.  Now more than ever I am determined to make them the center and focus and joy of my life.  There are things I know I will have to let go of in order to spend more time with them and to provide for their ever present needs, but I am happy to do it.  There is nothing in the world I love more than being a mother.

Pregnancy is hard, and I remember with Truman you were so, so sick.  How you doing these days, Ash?

Ugh.  Well… I’ve been better 🙂  Thanks for asking.  The nausea is a constant problem.  It never goes away… like, ever.  If I wake up in the night it’s the first thing I notice.  It ebbs and flows as far as the intensity of it.  Usually I feel okay in the morning and it’s at it’s worst in the late afternoon and evening.  I have only thrown up once so far though, and I am maintaining my weight, which is great.  I also don’t feel tired!  Imagine that!  The first trimester usually knocks me out, but I haven’t felt that this time.  One weird symptom I am experiencing is lightheadedness.  My head just swims sometimes and I have to sit or lie down.  It’s awful!  I am also feeling more hormonal with this pregnancy than ever before.  It’s been pretty hard some days, but I am handling it.

Well, it must be good to have your boys home as a distraction.

Yes.  Certainly.  And it’s summer!  I don’t want to spend it at home in bed, and that certainly wouldn’t be fair to them, so we don’t!  We are out and about as much as ever.  I feel badly that I haven’t felt up to doing fun things like summer school, art projects, fun parties etc.  I really love to do special things like that with them, but at least we have spent plenty of time in the sunshine, and we are working together in basic things at home like chores and cooking.  I hope to feel better soon and resume some of my beloved “extras,” but for now I am satisfied with what we are doing.  It sure is nice to have them around.  It helps me not to wallow!

Are you going Au-Naturale come delivery time again?

Yes!  You better believe I am!  I loved my experience with the midwives and will never go back to OB’s unless there is a pressing need to do so.  I also plan to have a similar birth as Truman’s… without any meds.  It’s just the better choice for me.  BUT… I’m not quite ready to think about it just yet.  I know I’ll do it, but for now I am just focusing on making it through the first trimester.  One horrible thing at a time, shall we? 🙂

How does Corey feel about everything?

So good!  He is excited and happy, and terribly, terribly sweet with me.  He listens to me complain with the utmost sympathy.  He helps out with as much as he can.  He is anxious to alleviate any pain or discomfort I feel.  He is super patient when I can’t do things the way I normally would.  I love him.  He’s seriously the best.  And he is so excited about another baby!  He had always told me “I don’t know what you’re talking about… we’re done!” when ever I mentioned future babies, but one day he said to me “Yeah.  It’s probably about time to have another.”  What?!?  I was so surprised!  But he said that it had been on his mind a lot lately, that he knew we would have another and that he didn’t want to wait too long.  He felt peaceful and happy and excited whenever he thought about it, which was also a huge difference from what he had felt previously… scared, stressed, and anxious.  So we prayed about it, and knew it was time.  Given our current life circumstances we really should be worried, but we’re just not.  We feel so good and know it will all work out… just like it has every other time.

Oh!  That’s so sweet!  You are one lucky lady.

Yes, yes I am.  I told the first nurse I met with that I had married prince charming and this is just all part of our happily ever after.  And I really meant it!

Well good luck to you, and thanks for the interview!

My pleasure.  Come back anytime.  I sure love to talk about myself 🙂

Don’t worry everyone… more cute stories and pictures of the boys soon!  I know you’d much rather hear about them. Thanks for indulging me in this post!

4 thoughts on “Time for the Tell-All

  1. Ahh, I hope I didn’t make you sad. I just like to tease because we had four girls in my family before we got our first boy. You are an awesome boy mom. You are just so stylish I’d just love to see your baby girl stylings as well. I hate the nausea. Recently I had an ovarian cyst. All the symptoms of pregnancy no bundle of joy to look forward to a the end. Seriously so not fun. Hope you start to feel a little better soon!

  2. I want to see more interviews! I loved getting all that info about you. 🙂 I can’t wait to find out if you’ll get another adorable baby boy or a first beautiful baby girl. Who knows…you could always get both! (insert evil laugh here)

  3. Big Congrats! Hope the yuck goes quickly! Oh, the yuck! I don’t even like thinking of it. Hang in there! Also, love the name options. My brothers name is Peter and I love it!

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