Easiest Guessing Game Ever – A Pretty Special Post

Yesterday morning Corey and I went on a date.  Let’s see if you can guess what we did, shall we?  10 points if you can guess by the first picture.  3 points if you can guess by the second.  And a big fat negative 20 if you don’t get it by the third.

Alright… GO:



You guessed it!  We were at my first Midwife appointment for Baby Burton #4!  (Just so you know… we looked around the office for more subtle clues to make the game a little more interesting, but it was all pretty blatantly baby in that place. Ah well!)

We are beyond thrilled, and so excited to share our news with you today!

After the appointment we picked up the boys and announced our surprise to them. (Other than my Rachel-friend who watched them, they were the first to know!)  These pictures are in the car because we needed to take Corey straight back to work after we spilled the beans, but he wasn’t driving… he got to enjoy the moment too before we took off.

Here’s how they felt about it:


Their reaction (Jack and Alaster of course… Truman couldn’t care less) could not have been better.  They are over the moon!  They informed us almost immediately that they wanted a sister this time, and have been referring to the baby as “she,” or “her,” ever since.  They have had lots of questions already… how big is she?  When will she come? etc. etc.  My favorite from Alaster (in the most formal voice you can imagine) was: “Ummmm… When the baby arrives… will we get to take her home immediately?” (He was talking about the first time he visits at the hospital).  Another favorite moment came when I was talking to Alaster and I saw Jack sneak a quick peek at my tummy.  He was trying to be sly about it, but I caught him 🙂  He got the biggest, cutest grin on his face!

After a minute we asked them if they thought Truman would be happy to be a big brother, and their mood instantly got a little more serious.  Both of them thought about it for a second and sadly said… “no.”  Then Jack turned to Truman and in his sweetest voice said “Truman!  We’re going to have a baby!  Are you going to looooove the baby?  Yeeessss.  Do we hit the baby?  Nooooooo.”  And on the instruction went 🙂

This morning Jack came into our bedroom and snuggled up with me.  He gave me a hug “but not too tight to hurt the baby,” and started talking to my tummy.  “Hi baby! …  I loooooove you baby! … You are just a sweet baby bean!”  (We told them that’s about how big the baby is at this point.)

Oh those big boys!  I love them so much and I am so very proud of them!  They are just the sweetest, and having them know has added a whole other level of joy to this pregnancy for me.

Now be proud of me for keeping the secret for so long!  I am 9 weeks people!  I kept this secret in for NINE WHOLE WEEKS!!!  I am an excellent secret keeper for others, but for my own secrets I am a notorious blab!

Now of course, you know I have so much more to tell you on this subject, but a simple announcement of the news will have to suffice for now.  If there does happen to be anything you’d like to know please leave a comment and ask.  I’ll be doing a “tell all,” post soon 🙂

Aaaaaahhhh.  Another baby.  What a glorious thing!  Corey and I can both scarcely believe we are so blessed.


6 thoughts on “Easiest Guessing Game Ever – A Pretty Special Post

  1. Congrats Ashley. If this baby isn’t a girl will you go for a trade in 🙂 My parents fourth was a girl, of course so was their third, second, and first. It took a fifth to get a boy and then they had to go for a sixth so he would have some company, because being the only boy with four older sister just did not seem right! I know you would be happy with which ever as long as the baby was healthy but let’s be honest, you would be a cute girl mom! I’m crossing my fingers!

  2. !!!!! WOW wow WOW! 😀 plus also 10 points for me! You did SUCH a good job keeping this secret! I did have a fleeting thought that you might be thinking about pregnancy at one point recently, but it was so fleeting that I can’t even remember when. Maybe it was that you had said “when” and not “if” we have another baby… or something like that. Aaanyway, I still have a maternity shirt and owe you some pants, so I’ll get right on that.

  3. Huzzah!!! You know, I was just thinking a few days ago about when Corey and Ashlee would be expecting another baby… maybe it was wishful thinking because we love your family so much! Congrats Congrats Congrats! Can’t wait for more details!!! Can’t wait to see the baby bump return!!

    p.s. love Truman’s “unimpressed” expressions compared to over-the-moon Alaster and Jack.

  4. This is so exciting Ashlee! I’ve been reading your posts as they come and have been meaning to comment on this one. I’m so happy for you guys! Congratulations! I can’t wait to read more posts about the new baby.

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