First Day of Summer Report

Monday was the official first day of summer vacation!  We decided that we’d celebrate by doing something the boys have wanted to do for ages and ages:  Make Homemade Lemonade!  We grabbed 2 bags of lemons, the perfect recipe, and off we went!


First we rolled and squashed the lemons… loosening up their juices…  Then we cut the lemons.  Then we squeezed the lemons.

Don’t worry.  I took one picture of Aly cutting that lemon on his own, quickly put the camera down and went to help!  Jack, with some instruction, handled the knife just fine.  Aly needed a bit more guidance. 🙂


You must try at least a little bit of straight up lemon when making lemonade:


Once we had squeezed one full cup of fresh lemon juice, then it was time for sugar, water and lots of stirring!  If you feel like making lemonade we highly recommend THIS recipe. We halved it. Thank you Paula!  It was perfect!


We thought our hard working Daddy deserved some lemonade too, so we hopped in the car and went to deliver some.  The boys love to visit Corey at work.  Alaster always asks him to print out some mazes for him to work on, Jack loves to play the grand piano in the common area, and Truman just loves to run around.


We were sad Daddy couldn’t join our “fancy lunch.”  When I poured the chilled lemonade into iced glasses and added a slice of lemon and a straw Jack said “I feel like I should be wearing a suit and sitting in a fancy place. Those drinks look so fancy!” 

Well it was the first day of summer after all!  I think that calls for some fancy!  I’m really glad that the boys think lemonade, tuna sandwiches and grapes qualify for that description 🙂  I’m not pictured, but I also had a fancy drink and fancy sandwich.  It was a perfectly delightful lunch with two of my favorite boys!


Truman was in bed napping at this point.

Something you should know about Truman:  Mondays are HARD for him.  Church messes with his sleep schedule and that boy needs his sleep!  All morning he was either laying on the floor not moving (no joke!), or he was screaming and pushing us.  It was really pathetic and really cute.  I’m glad Jack and Alaster found it funny too.

So the plan was that we were going to eat lunch, do our chores, and then head to the park for the rest of the afternoon, but I was not going to wake that baby up prematurely from his nap.  So… four hours later… and we were still home!!!

It’s all good.  We ended up playing in our backyard quad and before long our Freestone Friends came out too, so we were good.  Plus you add in the fact that there had been rain and there was some water to play in?  Oh yeah.  They were fine with staying home.  And I loved talking to my friend Rachel.

Please notice Theo and the shorts around his ankles.  Love it!


They ended up collaborating to make a chain of islands:


The final results:



So our first day of summer wasn’t quite so themey as LAST YEAR, but it was still super fun.

I am absolutely loving my big boys being home.  Like loving it.  They are funny, sweet, and we are having such a great time working and playing together already.  Can’t wait to tell you more about it… and about them… very soon.

Nighty Night!


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