He has a WHAT in his WHAT?!?

I tell you. That poor Alaster can’t catch a break!  If it’s not a pebble in his ear it’s two giant splinters under his big toenail.

For the record… giant splinters are so much worse than pebbles in the ear.

Okay here’s how it happened.  Oooone niiiiight… one dark and glooooooomy night… (K, I don’t actually remember if it was dark and gloomy, but it probably was)… I wake up to the sound of a massive BOOOOM!!!!  I sit straight up and wait for the crying to start.  I assume someone had fallen out of their bed, but I wanted to hear tears before I hop up…  no need to get out of bed for nothin’ you know?  Well, no one starts crying, so I get out of bed anyway to go check.  What kind of mother do you think I am anyway?!?  I go in their rooms and … nothing.  Everyone is sleeping soundly.  Back to bed I go.

The next morning Alaster woke up complaining about his toe hurting.  It was pretty bruised and we felt badly, but we thought it would heal.

It did.  Mostly.  Then a few weeks later it started to get worse again.  It was getting red and looking infected, and his poor nail was all bent down the center of it.  We made an appointment to see the Doc.
poor aly

(Those are the actual splinters in question.  Can you imagine if those were lodged under your big toenail?!?  And remember that his foot is smaller than yours.  They were both lodged up so far that they went under his cuticle.)

Well guess what?!?  His nail wasn’t bent.  When the doc took a closer peek he discovered that the color was actually two large splinters shoved under his nail.  Oh no!  Oh no!  My poor baby has had those under his nail for weeks?!?!  And now it’s infected?!?!  I am the worst mother in the world!  We think he kicked Jack’s bed hard enough that he broke off wood and it went right under his toenail.  We found a possible spot on Jack’s bed where it could have happened.

It was so sad guys.  He had to get shots in his toe to numb it.  Shots in your toe are horrid!  And then he had to have the splinters removed!  Nail cut… splinters removed… so sad.  I know he couldn’t feel it, but he was so, so scared, so it didn’t really matter.

I got him ice cream after and let him watch TV for the rest of the night.  Jack (who came to the appointment) offered moral support.  He said “I didn’t want Aly to have that.”  The whole experience wigged him out too.

Can you believe that?  I couldn’t believe it.  He SLEPT through that?!?  And we didn’t notice THICK, LONG, SPLINTERS in his toe even though Corey and I both looked at it on several occasions?!?  I’m so glad we took him in.  He’s had antibiotics and creams and things are doing better now.  He should have a normal summer.

Okay… now leave a comment and tell me what a horrible mom I am.  Go ahead.  I’m ready.


5 thoughts on “He has a WHAT in his WHAT?!?

  1. NOT EVEN CLOSE!!!!…. oh honey the things your kids are going to do as teenagers…. get your big momma stuff going cause it is coming and there is nothing that will stop them trying your patience beyond the most…. it is ok cause you might not know for YEARS!!!! oh what we learn when we have children…. now when Alaster has something REALLY BAD he will come to you because all he will remember is the lovely momma that took him to the big doctor and started things getting better… love aunt deeded

  2. I let Christopher go around with a broken arm for over a week!! You, my dear, are not a bad mommie 🙂

  3. Poor kiddo! I was cringing just thinking about that. You are not a bad mom at all! In fact, a few weeks ago I went out to Utah to visit and my niece tripped at recess and hurt her arm. Well, we all kind of teased her about it because she is a bit of a drama queen. Yeah… later that day my sister took her to instacare and guess what? It was broken. Oops. Sadly, we did the same thing to my little sister when she was really young… You’d think we would have learned to believe kids by now.

  4. ooh, that sounds horrid! and you cannot possibly be blamed for not noticing the splinters. sometimes it is hard to detect splinters in oneself, let alone ones child. even big ones. esp if they are deep!

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