Woop De Woop!!!

It’s here!  It’s here!  The last day of school!!!

We started this morning off properly with a big fancy breakfast.  I made the boys their favorite special breakfast:  Dutch Baby Pancakes!  Aka Hootenanies, Aka German Pancakes. Yummmm.  They all heartily approved. (In this collage… Truman’s top left pic, he is dancing to Jack practicing the piano.)
Last Day!1

While the Dutch Babies were baking the boys made cards for their teachers.  Alaster told Mrs. O that he “Liked Learning About Safety,” and he drew a picture of a safe man, and of a bike helmet, a seat belt, open eyes, and shoes.  My favorite part of the card is just where he addressed it to her and wrote “I love you.”  How much longer will he do that I wonder?  He was a little shy about the fact that he put it on, but I think he just had to do it!  He really does love her!  (As do I!)

Last Day!2

Jack wrote Mrs. H an equally cute note.  I told him to be specific and tell her exactly what he liked to learn etc.  I think he did a great job.  I loved the end… “I loved them all!  Thank you!”  Very sweet!

Last Day!3

Aren’t they cute?  They were so happy for the day that they even let me take their pictures with minimal complaint.  Can you see the tired around Jack’s eyes?  Corey and I love Jack’s tired eyes!  Don’t worry… he got them having tons of fun at our Dear Rachel’s surprise birthday party last night.

Last Day!4

I was planning make both of their well deserving teachers a cute, pinterest-worthy gift but I never got around to it. 😦 So last night I took the boys to the dollar store where they each picked out a vase, then we went to another store and they got to choose some flowers.  Alaster also wanted to give Mrs. O an apple.  I don’t know if he knew that’s a thing or not!

I’m kind of glad that I didn’t get to making something.  If you were a teacher, wouldn’t your heart melt if sweet, handsome, little young men like this brought you flowers that they had chosen special for you???

Last Day!5

Oh that Mr. Morgan!!!  I think I’m going to need this one in a frame:

Last Day!6

Jack is so adorable too, but a little more awkward about these kinds of things. 🙂  Cute boy!!!

Last Day!7

Off they go to deliver!

Last Day!8

Corey, Truman and I dropped them off and have been looking forward to picking them up ever since!  Just about one and a half hours left!  I did get to see Jack for a minute this morning.  His class is had an end of school picnic at the park.  Truman and I stopped by and played with them for a bit before he needed to come home, eat lunch, and take a nap.

I am ever so happy that Summer has arrived!  No more morning rushes!  No more homework!  No more saying goodbye for the whole day!

It’s going to be a fantastic summer.  I can feel it!  We’ve been to the pool once already… we’ve got plans for parks and picnics… Corey and I both have a long list of things we want to teach and do with them… it’s going to be great!

Happy Summer One and All!  Here’s to the best season of the year!


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