A Collection of Truman Stories


(I used up all my Truman pictures in the last post, so I just ran upstairs and took one of him sleeping.  It was a big risk I took… Truman is such a light sleeper… but it worked!  And now I have a sweet, sleepy picture!  He started to stir, but I got out quickly and I think he’s good!)

My Favorite Way to Entertain Him At Church:

It’s a toss up.  Either bouncing him on my knees (it makes him so happy!) or letting him rummage through my little bag that holds my chapstick, compact etc.  We put on chapstick, comb his hair, look in the mirror, put on more chapstick, put on the lip gloss, comb his hair again, lotion our hands, put on some more gloss, rummage and try to open things that are off limits… and on and on it goes… it’s so fun, but it usually ends badly.  He gets pretty sad when I put it away. But it sure is fun while it lasts!  You should see how he holds his mouth perfectly still and in just the right way for me to put the gloss/chapstick on.  It’s so cute!

An Amazing Trick He Has:

Guzzling water.  I have never seen a baby down an entire sippy cup without taking a breath.  It’s amazing.  He loves water and we change lots of wet diapers. 🙂

He Loves to:

Count!  In books, random objects, you name it… he’ll count it!  If I won’t do it with him (I admit, it gets old sometimes) I’ll hear him “da, da, da, ah, ah, ah,” and I know exactly what he’s doing.  He doesn’t really like to hold still when getting dressed, but if I tell him we’re gonna count the snaps on his shirt or onesie he holds perfectly still.  At the toy room in our community there are numbers around the wall, and one of his favorite things to do in there is walk around smacking and counting them.

A Phase Thing He Went Through:

Light Switches.  He couldn’t get enough of them!

Will He Ever Get Sick Of:

Running around and playing “Get-You,” kind of Games?  Nope.  If he’s sad, all you have to do is say… “Truman!  Let’s run!!!”  or “Truman!  Let’s go get Jack!”  Sometimes when I’m in the kitchen he goes and stands by our front door.  If I look at him he gets all excited and then even if I wasn’t planning on playing our game… we’ll… I change my mind.  I start running and screaming and so does he.  We run at each other… then past each other.  Then we turn around when we reach the other side look at each other and then off we go again! The most exciting part is when we almost crash.  Sometimes I reach out and tickle him as we pass each other… which he loves.  Other times we just run and scream.  Either way is pretty exciting.  I always want to quit before he does though.  Usually I pass the buck to Jack.

Oh Heavens.  He is SO:

LOUD!  He and Alaster both.  Sometimes he cries so loudly I have to cover my ears or his mouth.  A couple of weeks ago at church our friend Alex was speaking.  Truman started screaming, and even though Alex tried to keep going, he just couldn’t!  He had to stop!  You couldn’t hear him speak AT ALL.  Alex was sweet and just kind of smiled in our direction until Truman was gone, but it was still a little embarrassing.  Seriously.  THAT LOUD.  The speaker with the mic couldn’t compete.

My Favorite Place to Kiss Him:

On the bridge of his nose as I bend down and put him in the car.

Did You Know?

Truman is sweet and pretty darned obedient.  I am often surprised at the things he will do just because I ask, and most of the time his disposition is incredibly sweet and happy.  I can already tell that he cares about other people and that he enjoys making others happy.  The only thing he is really kind of a stinker about is being outside.  He loves it so much that we have some pretty intense fits when I tell him we can’t go out, or when I tell him it’s time to come in.  He’s learned where he has to hold my hand and where he is free to walk on his own.  He loves it so much!

Sometimes he’s obedient without us asking.  He brings us things he has found that he knows he shouldn’t have etc.  The other day I found him in Jack’s room where he was holding Jack’s completely-off-limits-to-everyone-else helicopter and he was just standing there… holding it… with this really awkward look on his face.  He was frozen!  It was like he was having some great internal struggle about whether he should play with it (which he so desperately wanted) or whether he should put it back (which he knew was the right thing to do).  Poor kid looked so relieved when I took it out of his hands!

Something He Likes Better Now:

Reading new books.  He’s still partial to books about letters and numbers, and books with actual photographs and not illustrations, but he’s letting me venture out more.  He almost always says yes when I ask if he wants to read.

Another Thing He’s Getting Better At:

Eating healthy food.  We don’t have to resort to putting peas in everything anymore!  There was a time when I used to think… if peas didn’t exist my child would be dead.  I think his acceptance of different foods has a lot to do with the fact that he likes to be independent and feed himself as often as possible now.  He’ll often try things if I tell him he can do it himself.  We still have a stash of foods (The kind I would be way too embarrassed to list on the blog) for him in case dinner is a bust.  But he’s getting better.  Slowly and steadily.

And ANOTHER Thing He is Better At:

Attending Nursery.  He went from screaming, crying and begging to leave even when Corey and I were in there with him… to running happily inside without looking back… in the course of about a couple of months.  I have some pretty amazing male nursery leaders to thank.  I once overheard one of them, Brother Adamson, bring Truman out in the hall for some one on one time.  He was holding him (I caught a quick peek before I hid myself so Truman and Bro. A wouldn’t see me), rubbing his back and saying so patiently and so sweetly “Hey Truman, what’s the matter buddy?  You’re okay.  We’re just havin’ some fun!  Do you want to play?  What can we do for you?”  And on and on.  I couldn’t believe the amount of care and love he was treating Truman with.  I was so grateful, and from that point on we stopped “rescuing,” him.  He was in good hands. Clearly. And things have really turned around.  Truman particularly loves singing time, bubbles, and arranging magnets on the chalkboard.

Something I Wish Jack and Alaster Would Stop Doing:

Laughing when Truman hits someone.  It is sending the worst message!

My Favorite Daily Occurrence:

Most days I have to wake Truman up from his nap to go and get Jack and Alaster from school.  He’s in his dark room and I carry him out our front door.  As soon as his face hits the sunlight he grabs around my neck as hard as he can and hides his face in the crook of my neck.  He stays there until we are almost all the way to the car.  I am really, really going to miss this tight little snuggle when school lets out.  I may end up inventing reasons why I have to wake him up and take him outside before his eyes adjust to the light 🙂

Something He Just Started To Like:

Cars!  Vrooooooom!!!!

Some Say Truman Is:

Spoiled.  We disagree.  Loved?  Yes, tremendously.  Treated somewhat differently than Jack and Alaster were?  Probably.  Corey and I both have regrets about the things we expected, particularly of Jack, at such young ages.  Now that WE have grown up a bit we are a little less demanding of our babies.  It’s true that Truman doesn’t often have to share much at our house, Jack and Aly are all too happy to please him, but he’s still very sweet when he plays with other children.  He lets kids take things from him without throwing fits or fighting, he’s happy and playful with them… I don’t know.  He was spoiled in the whole “never got left anywhere so that’s pretty hard now,” aspect, but he’ll get better at that with time.  I just want to let him be little.  I correct where he needs to be corrected, but by golly I can’t believe I put Jack in the naughty corner at this age.  What was I thinking?!?  We understand now that we are very much still in the “teaching,” stage… not so much in the “discipline,” stage.  Sorry you came first Jack!  Seriously!  We owe you!

His Favorite Show is Still:

Gabba.  Stay tuned for a Gabba Birthday Party!  Can you believe my babe is going to be 2?!?

How He Knocks on Doors:

With his fingers all pinched together in a point.  He also “knocks,” on our kitchen table.  It’s something he and Daddy do together.  It’s one of their things.

Something Daddy Misses:

Brushing his hair.  It used to have a very soothing effect on both of them, but alas… there is no hair to speak of these days.

Need a Dance Partner?

Ask Truman!  This kid loves, loves, loves to dance and sing.  He dances to Jack practicing the piano even!  He dances to all of his toys that play music and every song that comes on the TV.  And he really likes it if you join him!  He is a true music lover in general, and I can’t wait till he can sing!  Right now he’s great at doing hand actions and “ah, ah, ah,” ing or humming his favorite songs.  Favorite songs include: Twinkle Twinkle, Yankee Doodle, and of course… anything from Gabba that has some kind of action associated with it! Probably the one we sing the most often with him (Jack and Aly LOVE to sing this to him!) is “Run, run, run, it’s fun, fun, fun!  Run, run, run, it’s fun, fun, fun!”  There’s a part in that song where you freeze, and he puts up his little hands and tightens all the muscles in his body.  Darling!

Other Things You Should Know:

Truman is such a joy.  We love pretty much every little thing about him.  We love his smiles, his coy face, his excited squeals.  We love his clappy hands, his silly jokes, his scruffley laugh and grumpy fits.  We love that he is particular about certain things and so sweet and easy going about others.  We love his kisses and hugs.  In short:  We love this baby.  We are so grateful for all the sunshine he brings to our life!


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