Funny Boys

Jack woke me up this morning with what I thought was a hilarious joke.  HILARIOUS.  Jack makes up jokes on a daily basis.  Most of the time they make a great amount of sense.  Example:

What kind of breakfast do Cowboys like?
Cere-ya’ll !!!

Not too shabby, huh?!?  Well this morning’s joke was more along the lines of the kind of humor that Jack and I share.  I don’t think Corey got it the same way I did.  That Jack and I are so similar in so many ways.  Maybe I should do a post about that sometime.  Anywho… joke of the morning:

Jack:  Why does it feel so good to hit yourself in the head 50 times with a hammer?
Me: Why?
Jack:  Because it feels so good when you stop!

Ha!  Comic genius.

Alaster hasn’t really attempted to make his own jokes yet.  He mostly repeats ones that Jack makes up or that he has heard from someone else.  Wanna hear an Aly-ism that I’m currently in love with?  He doesn’t say “too.”  As in “Would you like one too?”  He uses “also.”  As in “Would you like one also?”  I know it’s just a little thing, but it sounds kind of grown-up the way he says it… which really contradicts the very little-kid-ish context most of the time.  It’s cute.

Random Aly Picture of the Day:


(You’re super glad I chose to include that, aren’t you?)

Truman said something exciting yesterday!  I asked him what a snake says… he thought and thought… got a sheepish grin and said “thssssss.”  Go Baby!  You’re making progress!  (He also makes the cutest signs you have ever seen for: drink, apple, eat, please, bath, carry, again, orange, more, and all-done.  We are using more than that with him, but that’s what he’s picked up at this point.  So fun!)

My Katie and I email each other cute, funny things our kids say sometimes (My all time-favorite thing she’s ever emailed of this nature was when her son Andrew saw an old man with a cowboy hat leaving the bathroom at a park and said to him “Hey there Cowboy! Goin’ Potty?”  I countered with a story of Alaster telling me he was going to get “niiiiice and naked.”) These emails usually begin with “Because I know you’ll appreciate this…”  And it’s true!  We do!  So you should join the conversation!  What have your kids or nieces and nephews or little buddies of any relation said to you lately that made you giggle?  Please do share!  I’ve had a rough-ish week and I could use a little laugh!


One thought on “Funny Boys

  1. Sorry about the rough week. I love your stories/mannerisms that you posted. A few days ago Bronson found a dead ant on the kitchen floor. He laid down next to it and started poking it with his finger. Then my mother-in-law thought she saw him put it in his mouth, so she asked him “Bronson, did you just eat that ant?” Bronson got this super smug smile on his face, nodded his head, and confidently, yet sweetly said “mmmm-hmmm”. Then he started coughing a few seconds later. I guess it didn’t go down as nicely as he had anticipated. We thought it was funny at the time, anyway.

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